Posted by: Jo | May 21, 2010


The moon, although it also radiates light, is different from the Sun.
It gently lights up the way for those who lost their ways.
If there is a person that influences someone, then that person is not a Sun-like existence, but a moon-like existence, for that someone.

Since a long time ago, I’ve thought that a person who is influential to others is perhaps not someone who is like the Sun, but someone like the moon.
The Sun can illuminate you with intense light and make you think “It’s so bright!”.  But there is no intention there to help you find your own way.
But the moon is an existence that gently illuminates a dark path to show you just a little bit of the path you should take. Of course, you’ll need to have the will to walk on that path alone, and you’ll be anxious about moving forward.  But in that gentle moonlight, there exist warmth and kindness that save you from the anxiety.  These are the things that make people grow.
The Sun can be likened to someone too overwhelming.  The moon is someone who guides you by being near you.  So, the presence of an influential person is not like that of the Sun, but of the moon.
The Sun lights up everything too much.  It makes everything visible.  Then you’ll stop searching [for your way] on your own.  His presence is too powerful.
But the moon will help you in the darkness of fear.  And yet, the truth is that you are only believing that you’re being assisted.  It only gives you a small sense of security enough for you to walk on your own feet.  It gives you the chance to do so.
Despite their common action of radiating light, the two are completely different.  This is actually an important point pertaining to education.  If a method of education resembles the Sun, it cannot help people grow.  If everything one needs is placed on the desk for him in advance, he’ll stop growing.  But if A-san is trying to do something but can’t decide which path to take, you quickly reaching out to her right at the moment, just like the moon, will help her move forward on her own.
[That’s why] people feel a different sense of appreciation for [the moon].  Isn’t this what educators are supposed to be?

Translator’s Note: So, this is another Sun and Moon analogy.  However, I believe the difference here is in the fact that, whereas he talked about the Sun and Moon as the giver and receiver, he is talking about both of the Sun and Moon as givers in this entry.  He is talking about different kinds (Sun and Moon) of givers. So, read this entry with that in mind, and don’t get mixed up with the analogy of the last S and M entry. ^_~

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
Do not re-post without permission!


  1. “Shine your light” – applies to both it seems.

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