Posted by: Jo | May 21, 2010

Rock Band Update!

I’m hoping they change their minds…

Thanks to xrytalmad for the info!
And Harmonix says…



  1. So basically…fans wanted a full Japanese version of Rock Band?

    • Victoria: I don’t really know to be honest, it confuses me e__e;;
      I know that what we voted for had to do with having the top JRock artists’ songs be featured in the American version (though I think they’d just be downloadable ones…*mumbles*). This article mentions a stand alone Japanese version of Rock Band but up until now I’ve never heard of such a thing going on. So… basically I’m confused about it as well .___.;

  2. Someone asked them directly if a Japanese release/ J-Rock edition of Rock Band was coming out and they said no to that. But the survey was about the possibility of getting J-Rock as downloadable content.

    • Amaiakuyume: Thanks for that clear up~!

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