Posted by: Jo | May 24, 2010

GACKT – Silver Accessories Vol.10 2010.04 Scans

Thanks to ryuik for the scans!
Silver Accessories Vol.10 2010.04 Scans



  1. hm… I like his black series accessories. the silver and gold one…. it confuses me XD

    • Min: … There’s silver and gold in there o__O;?
      I seriously need to find time to sit down and look through all these x__x;

  2. I want G jewelry!! 😮 They should start selling it in our local Walmarts so I can buy some. XD;

    • Victoria: I’d be surprised if it went to Walmart. DARTS jewelry is ex-pen-sive x_____x!

  3. I dunno what the deal is with that gold/silver mixed…thing. I can’t even tell what it is? o.O;

    And that’s why I said it needs to be in Walmart, because they have low prices every day. At this rate, I’ll never be able to buy DART earrings. xD

    • Victoria: Ah I see xDD;
      Believe it or not, thats a ring. XD

  4. I don’t think I’d know how to put that ring on lol. xDD;

    • Victoria: Sure you do! It’s like Twister!… with your finger. =D;;;;;

  5. Ahaha think it comes with a spinner and instructions?? 😛

    • Victoria: Probably. XD

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