Posted by: Jo | May 24, 2010

GACKT – Tokudane 2010.05.25

The interview in here deals with the Oricon poll results about the most beautiful people in Japan (GACKT was #2 if you remember~)
Hopefully an HQ version will appear soon n.n;



  1. Is it just me, or he looks a bit thinner :3
    So good looking person deserve to be 2nd in the poll for most beautiful male ‘celebrity’.

    • Sunshine: Mmm… maybe a teeny bit?
      Well at least he’s #1 in our hearts <;;

  2. hello Dear =)

    thanks for this superb video ❤ GACKT will be number 1 in beauty héhé <3<3 how beautiful he is like this *___* this man is not Human haha !!

    have a good day , kisu

    • moon: Hello~!
      You’re welcome <33

      Yup, he's a vampire-samurai-robot. xDD

  3. Who won?

    • Daniela: First place went to actor and singer Fukuyama Masaharu, who is currently starring in a popular NHK taiga drama called Ryouma Den. He has a big fanbase in Japan already, and much like how Furin Kazan spread Gackt’s fame even more, Ryouma Den is doing the same for Masaharu.

      Btw, did I welcome you to this site already? I feel like I haven’t…

  4. I keep on seeing the word beautiful pop up in the video xD; But his smile is indeed prettyyyy ❤

    Thanks for sharing ❤

    • Vynn: Well cause he is, both inside and out =D!
      Welcome ❤

  5. Ahh~ love! 🙂

  6. wow the nemuri stage play scene looks good!! GACKT has the flower in his mouth from the earlier blog entry 🙂 his smile is really pretty here :p unless i was reading wrong the hours he works seem tough, he has to work on Sundays???
    anyway thank you for uploading this video it is always nice to see them 🙂

    • Beth: I knooow, I wish I could see it for myself ;____;
      I’m assuming the same thing too, no breaks for Gackt v.v….
      You’re welcome x3

  7. amazing, his smile is so huge XD I’m so happy he smiles more now, it makes my heart go doki doki.

    • unofficialdear: Hahaha same, that smile is such a lady-killer *___*

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