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Translator’s Note: In reading this entry, keep in mind that there is a saying “運も実力のうち Un mo jitsuryoku no uchi” in Japan, which means “Luck is also part of your ability/talent.”
It’s not that “Luck is also part of your ability.” 
[Instead,] it’s “Luck is your ability.”
People are not equal.

People are not all equal.  In what are we unequal?  Many people come up with the wrong answer to this.  People are given equal abilities and talents to dream, so we’re all equal up to that point.
But it takes an ability to take actions toward realizing a dream, and the result generated by someone depends on his ability to take actions.  In other words, inequality is born out of [the individual differences] in our abilities to take actions.  Since our raw abilities are different, we can never be all equal.  Because our abilities to take actions are different.
People say “Luck is also part of your ability”, but everybody underestimates luck too much (LOL*).  Luck is not something that’ll be brought to you if you just wait.  As the Chinese character [luck = 運 (carry, deliver)] suggests, it’s actually something to be carried.  For example, let’s assume that a book said “Today’s Horoscope: You will meet someone wonderful.”  You could believe it and just keep waiting inside your house all day, or you could go to town as soon as you read it and try to start conversations where there are a lot of people.  The probabilities of meeting someone wonderful would be overwhelmingly different [between the two scenarios].  A person who waits in the house thinks that luck is something that comes to him.  Luck is not something that will come to you.  It’s a special item that you can use for the first time once you’ve gone to the [relevant] location. 
Luck is a funny thing.  You may think of it as something invisible, but that’s not true, either.  It’s actually right there in your hands, or attached to you inside your body.  And only when you take it to the place where it should be used and then take an action while using it, it illuminates softly at that moment.  Sometimes, even the people surrounding the luck can feel it the moment it’s activated.
You see, luck is something to be used together with your feet.  Anyone who just keeps on waiting is already unlucky.

Translator’s Note: I really like the way he calls luck a “special item 特殊アイテム”, which is a terminology often seen in video games, and how he describes it. XD

*My Note: Just as a general FYI, the LOL indicates that GACKT was laughing in the text, not that the translator was laughing at this point n.n;

Translated by excused_early
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  1. haha… I so agre with him for this… and once of my fave phrase since young is “luck is my strength”!!! :DDD

    • Yikiwa: Haha awesome!
      I keep thinking that he’s talking here as if he were in Kingdom Hearts or something XD

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