Posted by: Jo | May 26, 2010


This is a compilation album of the songs sung at the Otoko Matsuri Live and consequently the upcoming summer YFC Tour. The last two tracks of the album are the live recorded versions of the songs from the Otoko Matsuri.

1. 斬~ZAN~
02. Dybbuk
03. Nine Spiral
04. Speed Master
05. Lu:Na
06. Kimi ga Matteiru Kara
07. Mind Forest
08. White Eyes
10. Jesus
11. Flower
12. Kagerou
13. Uncontrol ♂狂喜乱舞edition♂
(Mar. 21, 2010 LIVE ver.)
(Mar. 21, 2010 LIVE ver.)

The album costs $34.29.
You can purchase this album from one of the links under the Shopping Sites section =]



  1. sweetness! There is an album. I loved YFC. he is awesome in Live concerts. but I didn’t really like that random “f&#k” section that he put in, in I think….. Nine Spiral? that was really weird and kinda not cool of him, but that’s what he felt was cool whatever.

    • Min: Me too… I better start making my birthday wish list lol
      It was in Lu:Na. I thought it was dorky and silly of him… silly 36 year-old man xD;
      But yeah like you said, whatever floats his boat I guess~

  2. Min: I agree, I had to turn down the volume during that part so no one would hear it… >.>

    But anyway, I’m glad there’s an album for this.

    • Victoria: My mom shook her head and was all like “Silly Gaku..” LOL

      Same :3

  3. hehehe i just think it’s so funny that he has an album for everything 😉 but total support for him thu!! ❤

    • Lucy: I knooow… well, I believe it’s mostly because Nippon Crown wants to milk every last drop from Gackt that they can before Avex officially assumes control of all of his music-related projects. He’s a big cash cow after all n.n;;

  4. Ahaha I’m glad your mom’s cool with it. xD

  5. oo~oo~!!
    I IS FRIED CHICKENZ~!!! *waves hands around wildly***

    ah, and f&#k to the japanese isn’t like it is to us. to them.. its a way to express bad-assnes.. I guess you could say? (<– picked that up from Air Gear D: )
    maybe like when anime characters put 'desu' on the end of everything to make it sound cute~ only.. the opposite..?

    • furesiya: Hahaha me too me too!!!
      *waves around too*

      Being a FRIED CHICKEN? Totally. xD

  6. I love the title of this. GACKT can make anything awesome!

    • Alisa: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Haha I know right?! It amazes me sometimes… lol

  7. Hey, thanks for the welcome. As a GACKT fanatic, I’ll definitely be reading more. 🙂

    • Alisa: You’re welcome x3
      Oh yay, see you around then~

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