Posted by: Jo | May 28, 2010

GACKT – Magazines 2010.06

From the OHP

6/29 「FOOL’S MATE」
6/10 「ARENA37℃」
6/7 「号外 +act.」



  1. Is there suppose to be a link or a picture here?

    • Victoria: Lol no, this is just a list of what magazines he’ll be featured in for a specific month and when it starts selling in stores. I update these as more mags come out, so for June there’s only one confirmed magazine so far n.n;

  2. Ohh I see I see. *Nods* Well, I have a question…do you have any links to recent photoshoot pics of him? I wanna make a new graphic. 😛

    • Victoria: Errr…. somewhere on this site yes…? xD;
      There’s so much magazine info that I update I get confused as to what’s been scanned and what hasen’t…. If you look in the Magazine category you’ll find stuff lol

  3. Haha ok, thanks. 🙂

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