Posted by: Jo | May 28, 2010

GACKT – YFC for SD Card CM 2010.05.27

The YFC live will be available to those who have a micro SD (a type of phone) and will feature different angles from the DVD version, so you can fall in love with the concert in a whole new way…



  1. OH NOOOOOO! NOT MORE ANGLES! *headdesks*

    • mjspice: Is that a bad headdesk? o.o

  2. Lol xD angles… those were a bit annoying. But at least people can now enjoy GACKT from a cell phone. 🙂

    • Victoria: Yeah, take him wherever you go @.@..

  3. Pocket sized GACKT~ =3

  4. Victoria: I love that you said “Pocket sized gackt” that made me laught XD

  5. Min: After I typed it, it made me laugh too lol. xD

  6. i am not sure whether this is a silly question or not, but would this be available for people all over the world, or just in Japan??

    (hehe i laughed at pocket sized GACKT too :p)

  7. Beth: Unfortunately, I think It’s just for people in Japan. T_T

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