Posted by: Jo | May 31, 2010

GACKT Community Blog 2010.05.29

GACKT thanks everyone for attending the Nemuri lives and reads up on some manga. xD
Just an FYI, the Nemuri play will re-start in September, while YFC will kick off June 10th~
Staff Blog 2010.05.29



  1. at the first yfc concert, he named off some places..when he said America, does this mean he’s coming for concerts. He better, because damn it I wanna go!!

    • unofficialdear: Yup~! He named the following places: Tokyo, Sendai, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Osaka, and America. Now, there’s currently no tour dates for America listed as of yet, but I believe Gackt is working out plans to come here. If not this year, then surely next year =]

  2. hey Dear !!

    BIG NEWS for European Gakuto-fans : GACKT comes in july for an European Tour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    take care ❤

    • moon: Heya, so I’ve heard!

      I’m waiting for the tour to be officially announced on one of the official sites before posting anything about it, just in case.
      But I sincerely hope it’s true!

  3. Jo: I can’t beleive the European tour is official!!! XD I’m so happy for them over there. How about a Canadian tour? XD not likely.

    • unofficialdear: I know, I’m happy as well 8D
      Well, let’s hope he hits up Canada when he gets his butt over to North America yeah? xp

  4. Yayy for the European tour dates! Now we just need the American tour dates and we’ll be all set~ ^_^

    • Victoria: Hahaha agreed!

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