Posted by: Jo | June 1, 2010


Oh snap I wrote on a Tuesday (in case anyone noticed my recent pattern of posting 8D)~
Sorry I didn’t share the news last night. I wanted to wait until the OHP officially made an announcement, in case this turned out to be a gigantic rumor. Luckily that wasn’t the case =D

Anyways, after years of patient waiting, GACKT is finally touring overseas!!! His YFC Tour kicks off in Tokyo on June 10th and during the small window between the July 9th live in Osaka and the August 11th live in Sendai, YFC will be heading to Europe, so this tour really is non-stop!!!
Below are the tour dates and their respected venues:

July 16 (Fri) 02 Academy Islington (London)
July 18 (Sun) Alhambra (Paris)
July 20 (Tue) Salamandra 1 (Barcelona)
July 22 (Thu) Theaterfabrik (Munich)
July 24 (Sat) Zeche (Bochum)

You can purchase your tickets from one of these sites:


*Note: There are several other sites you can purchase tickets from in Paris (that’s what the OHP says anyway o.o)




This is a small request from me, but to all Dears attending these lives:
Please show GACKT and JOB all your kiai, love, and support! Show them how much we Overseas Dears truly love them!!!


  1. Oh, that’s cool. Didn’t think he’d actually get over here. And the location in Bochum suits Gackt + Job. I wonder why it’s Europe and not America. More fangirls over here?

    • Sabine: I think a lot of fans thought the same, but it’s good to shock them in a good way 😀
      I’m assuming the flights were cheaper or something? That or if my assumption is right, Gackt may be planning on doing a tour in America around the same time Bunraku starts coming out – more exposure for him as well as the movie you know?

  2. Sorry. Meant fanBOYS of course 😉

  3. OMG YES!!!! I’m so gonna go to see him!!! I’m so super happy right now!!! 😀

    • un[Beautiful]: Waaa Im so excited for you! Give him all your kiai yeah?! x333
      And thanks for the heads-up on the date, the post has been edited~

  4. P.S. on sale from 8th June for the U.K. (according to ticketweb)

  5. Awwwr, I will see him in Munich~ _>

    (and sry for my english >_<)

    • aikobear: Welcome to Camui Love!

      Have fun in Munich okaaay?!
      And don’t worry, your English seems perfect to me =D!

  6. Anyone get any prices yet?

    • Dex|ter: Err.. so far as I know, none. But if you find out, lemme know =D

  7. I can’t help but say this – I am envious of you who are going to watch YFC in Europe! I think I’ll stay this way till July. On the brighter side however, I am glad that Gackt-sama is finally doing this European tour. I am so excited for G and Gacktjob. I am praying for the success of this tour and am hoping that more and more people will get to appreciate Gackt-sama and his music.

    • Victoria, Teya: I agree with the two of you, though I’m not too envious to be honest xp;

  8. I agree with Teya, I’m envious too lol but glad nonetheless. 🙂 I hope this tour is very successful for him. ^_^

  9. Hey! you said the tickets go on sale 9.00 am. Is that London time or Usa time or? Please get back, really want to get some tickets:D:D:D

    • Dex|ter: Im not sure to be honest. I’m assuming London time because that’s what’s posted on their site so… to be on the safe side aim for London time xD


    please can anyone tell me prices as soon as possible 🙂 this has just made my whole year amazing i just squeeked lots when i heard the news!!!!!

    • Beth: You’re welcome, and please have oodles of fun and shower him with kiai 8DDDDDDDD!!!!
      I promise to post up prices as soon as I hear about them ^__^!

  11. hehe just read it again *faints* (whilst parents give me a funny look) 😛 i am sooooo happy!!!!

  12. Hi folks ! This is THE News of the Year isn’t it

    Price (Munich) 45 €

    Für die Deutschen hier: ENDLICH !! ICH FASS ES NET ! Wer fährt zum Konzert nach München ?
    Wahrscheinlich nur Fangirls .. naja zumindest ein Fan(boy) nämlich ich wird dort sein ..

    • PissedbyGackt: Indeed it is~
      Oh thanks for the price for Munich, I’ll edit the post!
      Also erm… w00t for German (even though I don’t understand it lol) =D!

  13. suppressing jealousy long enough to give huge kudos to anyone able to attend any of these. i really, really hope the tour is a success!!!!

    • Sageyoku: I hope it is too >w<!

  14. I don’t live in Europe…T_T

    • mjspice: *pats* Neither do I dear, neither do I T^T…

  15. I’m so envious of Europe but I’m sure it’ll be a success XD he’ll have fun european style XD

    • Min: I feel like it’s going to be a very hot July lol

  16. This is it. Time to show Gackt-sama and GacktJOB our love for them. Go Europe! As sure as you will be overwhelmed by G, do shower him with love and support for this major effort. Jo-sama, after my envious feeling has settled, I also feel a mixture and excitement and nervousness. This is totally new on both sides. Am really praying everything will go well. 🙂

    • Teya: Yay kiai and love and support~!
      *shakes pom poms*

      I’m also hoping this goes incredibly well x3

  17. OMG! That’s such good news! Congratulations to him! XD Even though I won’t be able to make it to any of his Europe concerts. Why July G, Why?! Any other month of this year and I would’ve flown to wherever you are just to see you!!! ><. Well, at least I'm going to one of the Zepp ones in August. Hopefully, this marks the beginning of more overseas tours, and may the next one be in NORTH AMERICA!!! *crosses fingers* Thanks for posting this! XD

    • L. Redemption: Welcome to Camui Love!
      I know how you feel, I can’t make it either T^T It would have been a nice birthday present for myself too…
      Lol well at least you get to see him ne? XD
      I have a strong feeling he will come to America next year, I just know it~!
      *crosses fingers too*

      You're welcome~

  18. *creeps in* LOL

    But, ah, this is wonderful news! I don’t live in Europe, and won’t be able to get there this summer, but this is great news (NEWZ?)!

    GacktWorld explodes even more! I’m hoping that he has great success, and a wonderful time.

    …And then he should come to America. XP


    • Lucinda: WAAAAAAAIIIIII~~~~
      Wow you must be busy because I haven’t seen you comment here OR be on LJ as much as you used to o_____o;;!
      LOL its great newz xp;
      I hope so too, to both of those things haha!

      Take care D:

  19. *envy* He should tour Asia more too… I will be waiting here for you!!! In Singapore… GACKT-sama… but I’m sill happy for GACKT!!!

    It’s GACKTY time!!!

    • Yikiwa: Someday he’ll go to Singapore, just watch 8D!

  20. awh… y not malaysia…
    i’ll fake as a boy to get in

    • lynn: Maybe someday he’ll get over to you yeah?
      Lol its open to both male and female, no worries 8D

  21. That’s fantastic and exciting news, but kind of ironic from my point of view. My daughter and I both have chronic conditions that makes travelling difficult and rather hefty of the insurance front, us my daughter has recently been unwell, but in our determination to see GACKT my daughter is in hospital as I type this so she is well enough for us to travel to Japan for his YFC concerts in July. We are travelling from London, and whilst still in Japan GACKT will be in Concert in London! now that’s real irony!

    • Shazzer: Oh wow that really is ironic. He couldn’t have picked a better time ne n__n;;?
      Well, I hope the trip isn’t too strenuous for you or your daughter. Please take care of yourselves and do enjoy Gackt’s YFC concert whether it’s in Japan or in London. Either way, it’s going to be a memorable summer for the two of you ❤

  22. @Shazzer: So sorry to hear of both you and your daughter’s conditions. I hope you’ll soon be well. I just hope you’ll get to see our beloved Gackt-sama either in London or Japan. It would be more convenient for you if you get to see him in London, but am sure get to visit other places in Japan if you get to see YFC there. Get well soon and do enjoy G’s concert.

  23. Thanks Teya and Jo for your kind wishes, and yes I think it will be an amazing time if not a bit scary, pretty exhausting and rather expensive – but sooooo worth it. The plan is now to fly back early if we can get tickets for the concert in London. Such a mad but incredible plan !!!!!!!!!!

    • Shazzer: Oh, I do hope you’re able to fly back on time, best of luck >w<!!!

  24. please come back to america gackt..
    come to seattle T-T

    • rosalind: Welcome to Camui Love!
      I hope he comes here too D:

  25. Tickets sold out .. and didn’t get one ! ARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH

    • PissedbyGackt: I’m sorry D:
      Well, you still have a chance at Munich now =D;;?

  26. omgsh yes yes yes yes ❤ got tickets so freaking happy ❤
    it was impossible to get tickets with o2 priority but woooooo i got lucky 😀 😀 !

    • Lai: Haha congratulations!

  27. Well then sell them on ebay ^^ You’ll get 200 €

    This whole thing sucks why just so few tickets for so many fans ? Gackt I AM PISSED BY YOU !

    • PissedbyGackt: The thing that upsets me the most about the Europe Tour are those who bought like 16 tickets and decided to make a profit off of them. I know it happens at numerous lives all the time but for the love of all that is holy – 16 tickets?! *mumbles*

      Oh don’t be pissed at Gackt hun, he doesn’t control the amount of tickets being sold n.n;
      I think a lot of it has to do with the venues themselves. They probably set a limit because 1. They don’t know how well tickets would sell for Gackt (let’s assume they do not know who he is at all or how many fans he has in Europe) 2. It’s illegal to overbook a venue. So they’re kind of playing with fire in this case and just going by what they think is reasonable. Thanks to the high amount of response the ticket sales have gotten though, they can learn from this and do better the next time he comes and also sell more tickets that they had on the back-burner, as with Munich =D

  28. It was totally imposible to get tickets for 99 % of the fans .. the organisation of these mini events (500 tickets per location !!!) is just a Big joke ..

    When he does his first Tour after so many years waiting WHY IN GODS NAME just so few tickets ..

    I’m still upset

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