Posted by: Jo | June 5, 2010

GACKT – Monthly GG Vol. 23 Interview (Partial)

Very short and quick Q&A, but still interesting and lol-worthy~

Thanks to amaiakuyume for translating!
Monthly GG Vol. 23 Interview (Partial)



  1. Bahaha “The Devil” omg… Oddly enough, if that WERE true, I can’t picture him being a “bad” or “scary” Devil. xD

    And the last Q&A, er…I’m not sure I understand. If It’s what I think it means, wow… 😛

    • Victoria: Oh I could see it actually LOL but I think he’d be more of a seducing Devil than anything else o___o;

      Oh, it’s what you think. You can look in the comments on her page for more detail but er.. yeah.

  2. A very seducing devil indeed. @.@ And…oh my to the Q&A. xDD

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