Posted by: Jo | June 5, 2010

GACKT Community Blog 2010.06.04

A nice shot of GACKT relaxing at home.. and there’s a short of his nice red car too~ (I wonder how many cars he has anyway?)
Staff Blog 2010.06.04

Just FYI the blog has been updated since this post, but the translation provides the picture =]
Thanks to xrytalmad for translating!
Blog Translation



  1. Ohh snap, he DOES have windows in house! xDD I like his car, it makes me wanna ride in.

    And I almost forgot his birthday was coming!! >.> *Thinks about what to email him*

    • Victoria: Maybe he considers them doors.. or something lol
      Me too~ I’m curious about how many cars he has, hmm….
      xD You should get on that! *says the girl who hasn’t thought of anything for his birthday either LOL*

  2. Heh, unless he’s able to walk through glass I would hope he doesn’t think of them as doors. xD

    As for the cars, well let’s just say I hope he only has one. When I read his autobiography, he seemed to have a bit of an obsession with his car…like, he actually says sorry to his car if he slams the door…I think I’d be afraid to ride with him. >.< I can hard imagine if he had four or five…or ten. o.O

    Andddd…his birthday is the 4th of July!! That date just registered with me haha. xD

    • Victoria: Because his car is his baby (what is it with guys and cars I wonder..?). His car obsession has has serious results on his fans – I know a lot of Dears who won’t slam the car door because Gackt doesn’t like it XDDD *cough*ME*cough* x3;;
      I’d be afraid a bit because he might drive way fast… I’m kind of a chicken with pushing the speed limit on cars >>;;;

      =O That date should be burned into your mind woman! I mean besides the fact that Gackt was born on that day, we have Independence Day lol, so I always secretly think the fireworks go off as a birthday present – to Gackt from America LOL
      Also my birthday’s the day before, so it’s kind of impossible for me to ever forget it xp;

  3. Ahaha well I’m unable to drive, so whoever slams the car door is their problem not mine. xDD And yeah, I’m afraid of going super fast in a car too, heh… >.>;

    It’s not that it wasn’t burned into my head lol, it’s just…when people say “4th of July” I automatically know what that holiday is, but if It’s said as “July 4th” I draw a blank haha. So when I realized his birthday was the “4th of July” I wad like “Omg GACKT was born on an American holiday!!!” lol. XD;;

    • Victoria: Well once you do, you might begin to notice it xp;
      Oooh I see xD

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