Posted by: Jo | June 5, 2010

GACKT – YFC Europe Tour Ticket Information

I thought I would be nice and try to help out anyone going to one of the Europe lives, so below you’ll find information about when you can begin purchasing tickets, special offers from the venue locations, and other miscellaneous info.

If anyone in in need of a ticket or needs to sell one, please do not hesitate to leave a comment~

London: Friday, July 16 at 7:00 PM:

Tickets are sold out!

Alhambra: Sunday, July 18:

More tickets are going to be available! This is from the venue site:

“GACKT Announce a Huge success in PARIS
We want to thanks all of you for your incredible support, we know you’ve been waiting this moment for a very long time, so to thank you one last time, we have decided along with the venue due to productional reason we are able to put the last few tickets on sale at regular price.

These last tickets will be on sales exclusively via ALHAMBRA PARIS website, and will be on sales from Thursday 8th 2010 from 10.00 am CET.”

Barcelona: Tuesday, July 20 at 7:00 PM:

Tickets are sold out!

Munich: Thursday, July 22 + Bochum: Staurday, July 24

Tickets are sold out!

Edit: To the Dears who wanted to go to the show in Alhambra, now’s your chance! Get them while they’re available though, these tickets are going to go out fast!

If you are still looking for a ticket or trying to sell one, you can post something about it here and try to see if anyone contacts you. It seems like some Dears have found a ticket this way, so don’t give up hope yet!

To all the Dears who bought tickets already – the ticket sites have begun shipping tickets, so you should be receiving yours within the next coming days. Look out for the postman!

Congrats to those who managed to get tickets and good luck to those still looking for some!


  1. O2 Priority are available today ad 12:00pm GMT, so that’s when I’ll be getting them WOOP WOOP, Gackt here I come!!! ^_^

    • un[Beautiful]: w00t~!
      Good luck on those tickets 8D

  2. How did you get on with the O2 presale – better than me I hope – I got the complete runaround and still no tickets!

  3. Shazzer: I was close, got to the buying page but then found out the tickets where £42 each, and i was gonna buy 2 so I could ffind someone to take with me but due to slight moment of indecission I missed out and the tickets became unavailable… so none yet 😦

  4. You can also find information on the concert’s venue HP:

    There is a link to the tickets right there, starting on Monday 7th.

    Say, isn’t this concert YFC for men only? I’m not the up-to-date’st’ person in the world, that is..;-)


    • Sabine: Thank yooou~!!
      The men’s only live was a one-time thing. This YFC tour is open to both men and women, no worries n.n

  5. Ow, even if I was a man – his concert is right in the middle of my two-week summer holiday. OK, gotta tell ya: the sun is calling!


  6. My Gackt, I want one ticket to Munich! 🙂

    • Miriel: I hope you got/get one~!

  7. Anyone selling extra tickets? I could only buy 3 and I need 2 more for Munich…

  8. YES YES YES YES!!!! I’ve got my ticket for london!! Look out Gackt here i come!

    • un[Beautiful]: Congratulations 8D!

  9. Im so sad I haven’t again tickets for Paris T___________________________T

    • moon: Aww moon I’m sorry D:!
      Is there anyway you could make it to the Munich one? Tickets are going to be re-selling for that…

  10. YAY I HAVE MY TICKETS!!!! i am soooo happy 🙂
    i hope everyone else gets their tickets too ❤

    • Beth: Congratulations~!
      Oh yeah, I heard the tickets went out after 30 minutes x___x;;

  11. i just checked ticketmaster and the tickets for London have now sold out! that was fast 🙂

  12. I AM STILL ENVIOUS! hehehe .. For someone who is not attending the concert, I am still excited over this rare event. It would seem that tickets are selling so fast. Sold out in London and Germany. I feel so proud of the European Dears for the support they are giving G, although it would seem that a lot of people are flying over from different parts of the world just to attend Gackt-sama’s concert in Europe. Congrats un[Beautiful] and Beth for securing your tickets. Enjoy the concert and do keep us posted.

    I keep thinking what kind program will G be presenting on these concerts. Will it be almost the same as YFC or will he be including other favorite songs (since this will be the first time he will be officially performing in Europe).

    Also wondering if local networks will pick up G’s concert. Anyway, am really hoping everything will go well in these concert. 🙂

    • Teya: It makes me warm inside seeing how excited fans are getting over this event, it’s truly wonderful~~
      Hmm I’m assuming it would be the same as the first live, but I guess we’ll only know for sure once the lives officially kick off tomorrow (or today in Japan time..?)

      Oh I hope they do – Gackt’s world domination has begun~!!!
      I hope so too ❤

  13. Yay, I have my tickets~
    I was awake all night to get them @___@
    I hope the rest of the fans get tickets too…

    • Aiko: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Wow I hope you got some much needed rest after securing them then x3
      Me too, me too
      *crosses fingers*

  14. 😦 I didn’t get any…*Crying-my-eyes-out*

    D@#N for being poor and on work when they where being sold! D@#N D@#N D@#N I was willing to fly to London for the show!

    PLEASE GACKT-san come back next year.. or sooner, that works for me too! ^_~

    • Lonne2: Aww I’m so sorry dear DD:
      He’ll surely come back, he just has to =D!

  15. Thank you so much Camui Love for posting up this event and keeping Dears up to date in the west 😉

    • Puffy: Welcome to Camui Love!

      Hee, you’re welcome~
      It is tiring at times, but hey – someone’s gotta do it lol

  16. Good news un[Beautiful], Beth and Aiko – glad you got tickets. I’m very happy to say I have tickets too (huge understatement – I’m beside myself!). Sorry to hear not everyone was successful. Apparently the London venue sold out within the first half an hour. It’s so exciting that GACKT will have such amazing support. If that doesn’t encourage him to come back I don’t know who will.

    • Shazzer: That’s great news, congrats!
      Surely he’ll come back and tour even more places thanks to this. I’m quite sure he’s surprised himself at how much support he has overseas ^__^

  17. Tickets in Barcelona r sold out too. I still can’t believe that I managed to buy it there but I’m living so far from Spain so I dunno it’s real or not @_@ Only on that day I can touch the ticket, hope it will wait for me T___T

    • Lisa: … Are you new here? I am slowly forgetting who comments regularly and who doesn’t x.x; Well just in case, welcome to Camui Love!
      Thanks for that info, I edited the post.
      Congrats on getting your ticket btw =D!

  18. Dang, servers for Germany and France actually crashed?! That’s freaking insane! Wow… o.o er, anyway…does “kiai” mean love/support or something?

    • Victoria: Mhmm, which caused a lot of confusion about who got tickets or not @___@;

      You’re basically right, but I’ll elaborate further lol:
      Kiai is a term used in martial arts; it refers to the fighting spirit one has or the energy that a person can release when they focus their will. Kiai is usually released with a shout (i.e. when someone says Hi-ya!, etc.) but it’s not necessary. It’s usually written as 気合 but GACKT writes it as 気愛, with the kanji for “love”
      So basically, you gotta release all your love spirit/energy/support out to him so he can feel it (usually by your cheers or screaming) x3

      He keeps using this term in his blogs so that’s why I keep using it lol

  19. I can’t believe they sold out that quick, I mean I know Gackt-san is awesome and all but … but … I DIDN’T GET A TICKET!!!

    If anyone has a spare London 16th July ticket please PLEASE!! get in touch with me via my email! I will buy it from you!! I have paypal and money ( which helps some-what ><;)


    • Millenia: Welcome to Camui Love!
      I do wish you luck on getting a ticket D:

  20. Im so happy right now!
    i’m such a loyal fan for years i even loyally try to purchase everything the mean comes up with:P
    but never i had tought of seeing him on stage one day since he only performs as we all know in japan
    but final europe
    im going to Paris:D
    but i live in the netherlands
    so im gonna make this one hell of a weekend
    anyone else going to paris?

    • Niels: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Aww yay long-time fan 8D!
      Haha owning his merch is like the best feeling in the world ne~?

      Have a great time in Paris!! Umm… I think a couple of people on here are going to Paris, but I’m too lazy to check, gomen… xD;

  21. for the ones who still want to see GACKT in Germany, he post this on myspace:

    “All Shows of YELLOW FRIED CHIKINz in Europe are Sold Out!!!

    Most of the shows were SOLD OUT in less than 30 minutes!
    Thank you to everyone who bought tickets.

    We really extend our apologies to those who were
    unable to obtain tickets at this time.

    We received many requests from fans,
    so we will release another 200 tickets for the show in Munich on July 22nd.

    These tickets will be sold exclusively through
    Neo Tokyo and will be for sale on Friday
    June 11 at noon, 12:00 pm CET

    *The number of inquiries is anticipated to be high during ticket sales.
    *Please note that any inquiries will not be accepted here.”

    • Yaonechan: Welcome to Camui Love, and thank you so much for the heads up!
      *edits post*

  22. More update from Neo Tokyo for the MUNICH show:

    All shows in Europe are sold out!
    We would like to extend our apologies to those who were unable to obtain tickets this time, but we just might have some good news for you:
    Due to productional changes another 200 tickets will be released for the show in Munich. These tickets wi…ll go on at sale on Friday, June 11th at 12:00 noon CET.

    • Lisa: Thank you for the heads up, I’ve edited the post accordingly =D!

  23. Arigatou gozaimasu ^^, i’ll see everyday your site

  24. Jo-sama, am glad I have your site to go back to whenever am wondering how things are going in the Gackt-world. The European concert has thrown the overseas fandom into crazy yet exciting chaos. Mixed emotions are evident yet excitement stands out as we approach July. I really hope that all the fans would somehow be able to watch YFC. With his post on MS, it would seem that G is already aware that all his concerts are already sold out. I hope he would add another date or two to his concert series. An extra day in London and/or Paris won’t hurt. I can just imagine the feeling of a Dear not being able to watch G just because he or she was not able to secure tickets coz tickets were sold out in 30 minutes.
    I have only been aware of Gackt-sama this year and yet am so excited over these recent events, what more for fans who have been supporting him longer.

    Another thing, it’s YFC right after Nemuri. I am again getting worried over G’s health. One strenuous thing after another. Can someone please tell him to slow down a little? *sigh* If it’s G, he prolly thinks all the hard work is ok just as long as his Dears are happy. Now am adding to my prayers that with this hectic schedule ahead, G and the rest of his crew won’t get sick or anything. And am hoping that he would treat himself to a good vacation after this. *stubborn, stubborn G*

    • Teya: Haha well I’m glad you keep coming back here dear – shows I’m doing alright over here 😀
      Gackt certainly knows how to shake things up here~ I also hope that everyone who is able to gets a chance to see him <;

  25. Aww, well I’m sure he’ll feel tons of kiai from his Europe DEARS. :3

  26. Hi! everyone! i am new here^^ and quite desperate cause i didnt get a ticket for paris on 18 july. so if someone have one please contact me at
    Thanks to all^^ and if i cant get a ticket i wish everyone who has benn able to get one will enjoy the show!^^

    • Nadeshiko: Welcome to Camui Love!
      I hope you manage to get one, good luck!

  27. There’s tickets on sale for London on – at 140 quid! And plenty have been sold..I wouldn’t trust they are authentic however…

  28. Thanks! I am serching (looking for?) everywhere^^ If i find one I will tell you 🙂 Kissu!

  29. i search for a bochum ticket *help*
    is there anyone who could sell me ticket ,please?

    here is my email adress :

    • Katrin: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Good luck on getting a ticket >w<!

  30. Hi!
    I’m looking for a ticket for Barcelona’s live.
    If someone is willing to sell it please contact me on – okaeri at gmail dot com –

    Thank you~~ ^___^

    • Shiva K: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Good luck on getting a ticket >w<!

  31. Hi Jo! Thanks a lot ^____^
    Let’s see if everything turns out well 🙂
    Thanks again!

    • Shiva_K: You’re welcome, and good luck again x3

  32. Im so happy I get a ticket thanks to dears^^ I hope everyone else will be as lucky as me^^
    Kissu! and thanks for letting me ask for a ticket here^^

    • Nadeshiko: Congratulations!!
      And you’re welcome, I want everyone to get a chance to get one >w<!

  33. If it’s not too late, I’ve got a ticket to the London consert but I can’t go! so I have to sell it to anyone who wants it and will have more use for it than me while beeing stuck in Sweden.

  34. hi! i have one ticket for gackt’s concert in London. If interested contact or add me.

  35. I have a spare ticket I need to sell really badly! Contact me at if you are interested

    • Sansimi45: Just a quick welcome to Camui Love!
      I hope you sold the ticket >w<

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