Posted by: Jo | June 8, 2010

GACKT – New YFC Tour Goods!!

Im not sure if all of these goods will be sold during the Europe Tour, but hey at least you have an idea of what to expect.
Brb, rolling on the floor forever at the CHIPz.
YFC Goods



  1. XD! IKR? I was like “What the heck is tha—OHMYEYES!” XD

    • mjspice: Just…. *headdesks*

  2. Wait…what’s CHIPz mean? Lol… u.u;

    • Victoria: If you click on the link and look to the right of the goods list, there’s something called YELLOW FRIED CHIPz. It’s ridiculous because when you buy a bag, included inside is a card out of a total set of 69 and.. well if you look closely at those pics, you’ll know why I don’t really have any words to describe it other than laughing. XD

  3. I want Dasu Dasu Usagi! :-))) White or black or both!

    • Miriel: Me too, I can’t choose between them D:!

  4. Oh…my God. They’re…sex positions?! xDD Wowww.

    • Victoria: Apparently they’re paroding Karma Sutra but still… XDDDD

  5. The shirts say ‘fuck me’ on the back 😛

    • Puffy: I’m still surprised at that too. XD

  6. Bahaha ohh my… so naughty. xDD

  7. I can imagine wearing a shirt like that in public. Every guy that saw you would be like “ok!! =D” lol. -.-

    • Victoria: That would get annoying… then again, my hair covers it so maybe not =D?

  8. Do you know how to buy Dasu Dasu Usagi? The more I look at them the more I want them! 🙂

    • Miriel: If you know someone who is going to the lives in Japan or perhaps Europe, you could ask them to buy you one and you could pay them later via PayPal or something. And there’s always eBay or auction/sale posts happening on LJ for Gackt merch as well (I was bidding for one just recently but lost out by a couple of minutes, poo D:) Those are about the only options I know about, gomen n.n;

  9. Jo, thank you for the answer, but… I myself am going to the live in Europe, to Munich, but I am afraid that there will be not enough Dasu Dasu Usagi for everyone. But I will try to get one! 🙂 Oh, I miss them so much I can’t stand it!

    • Miriel: Oh I hope you do, good luck dear!

  10. I bought the photo book while at the London tour and I when I got to the back of the book (after the sexy photos of Gackt) I saw the sex positions pics. I was like ‘oh’ lol *blushes*

    • Nicola: LOL
      Yeah.. they’re supposed to be a joke (and some of them really are down right ridiculous lol) but even still… .///.
      It doesn’t help that Gackt has the most “normal” or possible positions *headdesks*

  11. LOL yeah. I love the one “Gackt’s Home”. I would totally jump him when he got home if he lived with me hehe XD

    • Nicola: LOL well at least you’re brave enough to admit it XD

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