Posted by: Jo | June 11, 2010

GACKT – YFC Reports + Pics

Now that YFC fever has just begun, I’ll be posting reports of the lives (as I always do with like, all of his lives lol).
To the Dears attending the Europe lives: if you’d like to share your experience but don’t have an LJ or a blog of some kind, you can share your experience in the comments below or email me your report and I’ll will post it in my own blog, with credit to you of course~

June 10: amaiakuyume’s Report

June 11: ashura_oh’s Report

June 16: omg_its_gackt’s Report

June 21 & 22: b_sim’s Report

July 4: pyroyale’s Report

July 7: xx_rory_chan_xx’s Report

July 16: liathchan’s Report 1

July 16: chikotori’s Report

July 16: ann’s Report

July 16: kyotaku’s Report

July 16: astharis’ Report

July 16: shmilly_desu’s Report

July 16: grownupneko’s Report

July 16: Beth’s Report

July 16: carola_chan’s Report

July 16: sora_de’s Report

July 16: shazza84’s Report

July 16: titesouris’s Report

July 16: juxtai’s Report

July 16: muse90210’s Report

July 18: the32side’s Report

July 18: dreamingallday’s Report

July 18: narnia_lullaby’s Report

July 18: littleflapper’s Report

July 18: tenshin26100’s Report

July 18: lladia’s Report

July 20: moon_kaka’s Report

July 20: aku_rin’s Report

July 20: ryujikin’s Report

July 20: fuxxtothefuture’s Report

July 20: ladyxzeus’ Report

July 22: shiika’s Report

July 22: ela_glor’s Report

July 22: artcika’s Report

July 22: vivi000’s Report

July 22: leerendix’s Report

July 22: jellylorum22’s Report

July 22: smilingmana’s Report

July 22: marlene_novalis’ Report

July 22: chachafan’s Report

July 22: mrsgmsc’s Report

July 22: mun_chairudo’s Report

July 22: yoko_chan90’s Report

July 24: demonyukimura’s Report

July 24: darkness_kai’s Report

July 24: nagaokagetora’s Report

July 24: mktetsujin’s Report

July 24: scwolf_10k’s Report

July 24: asti_chan’s Report

July 24: mrsgmsc’s Report

July 24: yoko_chan90’s Report

July 24: cha-chan-soyara’s Report

Aug 11: pyroyale’s Report

Aug 12: pyroyale’s Report

Aug 14: pyroyale’s Report

Aug 17: amaiakuyume’s Report

Aug 17: pyroyale’s Report

Aug 19: pyroyale’s Report

Aug 19: amaiakuyume’s Report

Aug 19: lefcadio’s Report

Aug 29: amaiakuyume’s Report

Aug 29: pyroyale’s Report

Thanks to dyan25 and xrytalmad for the pics!
YFC Pics
YFC Pics 2
YFC Pics 3

*Note: You must have an LJ account and comment on ashura-oh’s journal or pm her that you came to her site through this one and that you would like to read her translations. If you’ve done so already, you should be able to view this with no problems =]



  1. […] as a reminder, I’ve been adding Reports as they pop up on this post, so check them out if you haven’t already~! Possibly related posts: (automatically […]

  2. […] from those who went to the London live and… it was incredible. Look out for new reports on this page coming […]

  3. Did they sneak cameras in? xD

    • Victoria: I’ve read that there were a few sadly =\ But well… that’s how it goes.
      I know that the staff were recording the show from different angles, so I’m assuming they’d use that for some material later. Well, let’s hope anyway ❤

  4. omg! it was so epic!


    i loved it so much! i was just so shocked to see him…i still can’t believe it was real! he is gorgeous and so is gackt job!!! Chacha…. *_* so pretty!! and YOU is so so fiiiiine!!!! I loved that mind forest was in english!! i only got a few words too..but it was so loud sometimes i couldn’t hear him! Whenever anyone threw anything..dear lord i just got dragged along with the crowd! i was pretty much near the front O_o so many people fainted or left early!! Gackt sprayed me with water!!! omg!!! and chirolyn spat on me with water (the only person who can probably making spitting sexy!!) and chiroyln also took off his trousers and was in his underwear at the end when all the members left!

    i loved it when he said ~~~ different countries, different hearts…but we are the same, we are family. You are all here tonight and that is the same thing~~~
    that really touched me..this just makes me love gackt even more….he better come back soon right?!!! and love gackt…show me how much you want to fuck me!!! “kyaaaaa~~~~!!!!!!”

    i hope everyone seeing his other YFC lives have a lot of fun! remember keep hydrating and eat lots of sugar, because it is a very tiring rally!!! and do NOT wear heels if you want to go in the front/middle! I understand how Gackt is so worn out…he is truly amazing to be that energetic for that long!

    • sureyya: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Glad to hear you had a wonderful time!

      Ah I bet that must have been a real treat to hear Mind Forest in English. Honestly if there weren’t multiple sources stating that it was in English I would have never believed such a thing existed XD!!!
      Oh I do hope those people were okay in the end o.o;;;
      Hahaha Chirolyn would so do that.. and yay for Gackt spray! xD
      Oh yes, those words are incredibly special <3333 LMFAO he said that?!?! Oh Gackt… XDDD
      Yes yes, great advice to anyone attending the lives.
      Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. There was a Japanese girl wearing a white sleeveless shirt and black shorts similar to Gackt taking photos of groups of the fans..who is she?! We thought she could be working for Gackt lol! It would be great to see her photos if she uploads them somewhere but god knows if anyone knows where?!

    • Puffy: I heard that there was a staff member, Midori-san, from Arena 37C there who interviewed him after the live, so maybe it was her? Either way I’m sure those photos will turn up one way or another =]

  6. Puffy : i noticed her too!! she asked to take a picture of me XD I think either she is a rich fan, or maybe midori-san from Arena37, because Gackt-san said the london live will be reported in it O_o eeehhh!

    • sureyya: Just a quick welcome to Camui Love!

  7. Awesome!!! 😀

  8. 1 for the 7/18 live in Paris. <- Let down

    1 more for the 7/16 live in London. <- One of my fav

  9. Oh, and Jo, you haven’t seen the video clip of Mind Forest in English? I’m listening to it on repeat. He sounds so much different in English. There are a few other short vids circulating, but this one is my favorite.

  10. Hey, heads up. The32side’s report was on the live on July 16th in London, not July 18th in Paris. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    • Alex: Thank you for all those links, I’ve fixed them each time XD;
      And no actually, I haven’t seen the videos of it =x
      I’m tempted to watch it, then again I feel guilty and decide against it because I feel like I’m encouraging taking videos at concerts >w<;;;;
      Admittedly I used to (though I didn't know it was illegal then o-o;; ), but I try to respect the artist's wishes
      Ugh… the temptation is maddening though LOL

  11. Ahhh!! So many mistakes~~ Disregard my last post. I meant carola_chan’s report. That was supposed to be July 16th, not July 18th. The32side is correctly places.

  12. Jo: I’m so sorry for the inconvenience, but you’re welcome for the links. I’ll double check the dates from now on.

    I knew you haven’t seen the videos! They’re really good quality for a fancam. I know GACKT didn’t want recordings, but if it’s already there, what’s the harm, right? I think it’s a nice peek, just in case GACKT never comes near you. It’s less than 40 seconds after all.

    And you know GORDIE ENTERTAINMENT. They’ll tear those videos down from YouTube in an instant. But… if that does happen, I have back-up copies of all of the uploaded YFC stuff, so I can share it with you. =)

    And I have another live report for your list! I triple checked, and it’s for the 7/16 London gig. Sora-de also took pictures of the entire photobook, and the YFC Master Positions. =)

    • Alex: It’s fine really – either way you’re giving me a heads up on all the things I need to post about from my f-list, so it’s all good; gets me prepared lol

      And it’s fine if the reports are on the Dears Com. – as long as they’re not locked entries, I post them here too =]
      Seeing Vanilla would be… interesting *____*

  13. One more for the 7/18 live in Paris. Sorry, this one is on a community on lj, and not on someone’s personal lj. And guess what! He promised to be back with Vanilla! A different tour?

    And one for the 7/20 live in Balcerona.

  14. Okay, cool. I’ll keep them coming as I find them… which is rather often. I have a few for you even now. The first one is from the Paris live of the 18th, and the second one is from the Balcerona live on the 20th.

    And yes, seeing Vanilla would be SWEET! It could possibly replace Lu:na as the song where GACKT strips. Though, with his promise to come back, and his promise to come back with a more “poppy” song, I’m expecting a World Tour with a theme similar to “The Sixth Day & Seventh Night”.

    • Alex: I’ll say, you’re quick xD~! I usually only find these links as soon as I’m out of class or have a break in-between… it’s like you’re online 24/7 xD;

      Well to be honest I wouldn’t want Vanilla to replace Lu:Na – they’re both great songs but I think that musically, Lu:Na is the stronger of the two. Of course that’s just me xp;
      Hmmm that does seem possible, demo… I think Gackt will be doing another YFC tour, this time for America (possibly World Tour, you never know) to coincide with the release of BUNRAKU (hopefully as that keeps getting pushed back). And either at the end of that year or the year after that, he’d start his next VISUALIVE which would be the last part of the MOON SAGA. This is just what I’m assuming from hearing tidbits here and there, but that man is full of surprises, so we shall see~

  15. Here’s one from the one and only Tenshin26100! For the Paris live on the 18th.

  16. Yet another live report for 7/18, Paris.

  17. Balcerona, 7/20.

    I’m on summer break, so… I have extra time than during the school year. I’m not online 24/7, but the first thing I do when I get online is look for these links, and the second thing I do is link them to you. =)

    I agree with you for Lu:Na vs. Vanilla, but I think that a lot of fans feel otherwise. I’m sure you’ve heard about all the times when fans screamed for Vanilla… during all of the Europe concerts. I wouldn’t want it to replace Lu:Na, but I don’t think it would work with the rest of the set list.. unless it was some sort of remix, like with uncontrol. But if it was just Vanilla, I can only imagine it with something other than YFC.

    What I’m hoping for is any kind of tour in America! A World Tour would be even better, but since I’m in America, I’m wishing for him to at least come here. And BUNRAKU has BETTER come out soon! His English from the YFC videos is such a beautiful accent.

    And I can’t wait for a MOON VISUALIVE! MOON is AMAZING! The difference from RR and RRII is breathtaking. I’m trying to imagine the difference from Kagen no Tsuki, to Jougen no Tsuki, to the next chapter in the MOON PROJECT! He is full of surprises, isn’t he? And by the way, do you think that Setsugekka and or EVER is part of the MOON SAGA? I don’t think it is, but I’ve heard a few people saying that it might.

    • Alex: Oooh lucky, how long is your break? Mine lasted 3 weeks – oh, the sad life of a college student T^T…
      Aw I feel special now lol

      Yeah I have. To be honest the request kind of irks me – Gackt isn’t just Vanilla you know? And you’re right – YFC is raw, strong, intense, a battle at its very core. Vanilla really doesn’t have a place within the setlist, it’s like if he stuck U+K in the middle of these lives LOL.

      I’m quite sure an American tour is on it’s way, he’s just decided to do Europe first. I hope that when he does do an American Tour, it will be nationwide and not just California. I mean don’t get me wrong, I live in CA LOL but I always feel for my poor fellow Dears in the East coast and in the middle, they don’t get as much love as I’d like them to n.n;
      2011 should be the final date… 3 years seems like an appropriate wait for the film lol.
      And yes, he does have a beautiful accent ❤

      Honestly, after seeing his VISUALIVE no other live DVD can do justice for me. I've been ruined forever by perfection LOL
      Don't forget DIABOLOS, that's part of the MOON SAGA as well!! He is, so I can't wait to see what he brings to the next VISUALIVE ^__^~~
      I know for sure that Setsugekka and ZAN are two of the important parts to the MOON SAGA, but I don't believe EVER is a part of that n.n;
      I think Returner fits in with the next chapter as well, but that’s just my guess.


    This is for the Munich live yesterday!!! Brace yourself!

    This is what someone posted on a board (Sry to the owner, I have no idea WHERE this was actually posted before. Maybe that person is a member here and can ellaborate on it):

    And this is were the trouble starts. Gackt was OBVIOUSLY not well. After the fifth or sixth song he began to struggle and stagger. Sometimes when he knelt on his little platform he had serious trouble getting up again. At the beginning we thought it was more for the show than for real but after a while when even his band members assisted him more … Mehr anzeigenand more we realized that he was really about to break down. During the last song before the encore he couldn’t hold his balance anymore and actually just fell from the stage. To be honest, Gackt falling into my arms (and I mean that LITERALLY) was like a dream but certainly not under these circumstances. We (my neighbour and I) tried to bascically shove him away from us because he was just falling with his whole weight right into us (first row girls…;-)). We tried to push him back in the direction of the stage but at the same time the people behind us started to pull at him and tried to drag him inside the crowd. For a moment I saw his face and really… I wish I hadn’t. He was not really scared or anything. It was more like he didn’t realize what was happening, or didn’t care. And I don’t know what’s worse.


    My break is actually quite long. It’s about five months, but that’s because I’m still in high school, and not in college yet. Sorry that college doesn’t get the same.

    Hahahaha… I could imagine him sticking U+K or Mirror in there. He could’ve done something similar to what happened during the RR lives, when it was all serious, and then the kittys came out. I know a lot of fans would appreciate that. I’m actually really surprised Mirror isn’t on the setlist. I think this was the only time he’s ever not included it.

    BUNRAKU… 2011 sounds like a perfect year. Come to America films, and then come to America’s concerts… for dears… please, GACKT. lol

    I agree. I hope he comes in more than major cities! Because… I remember every other time a major Japanese artist would come over, they would go to the same four or five venues… and they were all to far away from where I live! New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas… and that’s it. I’ve been really disappointed, living in Michigan and all. =(

    Ah, you’re right! I can’t believe I forgot about Diabolos. It’s the prequel, so it’s easy for me to leave it out without even realizing. But Diabolos is almost Visualive, don’t you think? It was darn near close at some points.

    I hope you’re right about Setsugekka/ZAN. They’re beautiful songs, and remind me of MOON. I also hope you’re right about EVER. Returner seems to me like it was a long wait to be a part of MOON… that’s like saying that REDEMPTION/Longing was a part of the Diabolos saga even though it wasn’t released on the album.

    I wish I had the booklets to these CDs so I could try to find little hints that may connect it to the MOON PROJECT.

    And yes, beautiful, beautiful accent. And speaking of accents, I just finished ripping at least 20 videos from the live from last night. I’ll save them for you like the rest, but they’re getting to be at least 25 minutes long if I combined them all. =)

    Oh, and if you’ve read the reports about EVER, the full PV is out on YouTube, and I think it’s supposed to be similar to EVER performed live during YFC. I try to post the link… but it embeds it on it’s own. That’s so cool. =)

    • Alex: Ugh that man just…. I couldn’t stop shaking when I read his side of the story, I can’t imagine seeing it from a fan’s point of view. I pray he’ll have plenty of rest when this is all over, he’s wearing out his body much too much…..

      Woah five months and in high school?! That’s so cool T^T!
      Haha thanks for the sympathy XD

      Well in every Gackt (seated) live, there’s always the first part which is related to the story, then the fun cute part, and back to serious.
      I think you’re right about the Mirror thing though, it probably is the first live it’s not included in o.o;

      Aaah I see. Well, hopefully the next JRock concert that happens is somewhere near your area ne 8D?
      It’s the closest he came to doing a VISUALIVE, but I think he kind of defined what he calls a VISUALIVE with RRII. DIABOLOS is damn near impressive though ❤
      Well there was an interview some time ago where he stated that Setsugekka/ZAN were important to MOON, so it's straight from the horse's mouth XD. And although Redemption/Longing was included in DIABOLOS but not necessarily an integral part of the saga, Gackt started thinking about the next direction he woulld take with the MOON SAGA based on his work with Returner. So because of that I think it would fit in… I mean at least I hope, it feels like it would.
      MOON is so complex though lol…. Eien no Yume managed to write down all the connections so far, which I find amazing, so you could check that out someday I guess?

      Oh you really don't have to do that for me, honest ^^;!!
      And yes, I've updated as you can see lol

  19. P.S. on the Bunraku thing. Supposedly, a trailer of Bunraku was premiered somewhere. They say it “blew the roof off with it’s amazing footage” … ailer.html


    • Alex: I’ve made a post about it~

  20. There you go. 11 reports so far, for the 11 years GACKT has been with us as a solo artist.

    • Alex: 11 Reports? I’m quite sure there’s like waaay more than 11 on this post LOL


    Second one for July 22 live in Munich. One more live to go.

  22. Hahaha… I mean there’s 11 from me. There’s definitely a lot more than that! And I have yet to look at Eien no Yume in quite a while. I should check it again… it really made me understand the connections with the stories: the DARTS, the Shito, and the characters from MOON CHILD. The timeline is fabulous.

    Returner and Setsugekka/ZAN do have the same feeling… and he has been experimenting with “VISUALIVE” since he began, and yeah, RRII is finally worthy.

    And thank you so much for your prayers. =) I think I could travel a little extra for GACKT, though. ^_^

    And yes! Gackt is wearing down his body way too much lately! I think he was serious when he said last year that he would do as many live performances as possible, even if he was crawling on and off the stage. And when he said that he would die on stage! Oh no… I really don’t think he’s ever been this unwell… I mean, bleeding throat? That can’t be good!

    • Alex: Oh LOL
      Same here, I need to go back and read it soon n.n

      Haha yeah anything for G~~
      He did say that, which makes me go ><;;; but at the end of the day this is who Gackt is – he gives it everything he's got and then some, just so he can reach our hearts.. ❤
      But he is doing much better from what I understand about the live broadcasted on Nico Nico. Still tired, but much better =]

      And the reports have been added!

  23. Another for 7/22.

    First one for 7/24.


    • Alex: Updated. I also got some from today so no worries about updating me this time around lol

  25. Haha.. thank you. There are so much coming in today, especially on the Dears community on livejournal. I really didn’t want to send them all to you.

  26. […] – YFC Update + Swimsuit Festival Pics! So, I’ve completed the last of the YFC Reports, and may I just say how amazing this whole tour has been. The reports speak better than I could of […]

  27. […] – YFC Update + Swimsuit Festival Pics! So, I’ve completed the last of the YFC Reports, and may I just say how amazing this whole tour has been. The reports speak better than I could of […]

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