Posted by: Jo | June 15, 2010

GACKT – EVER Single 2010.07.28

This is GACKT’s 38th Maxi Single which will be featured in the upcoming PC game Dragon’s Nest, an RPG in which GACKT also lends his voice over to the game’s villain, Belskard. This is also the first single that will be released under avex entertainment as part of GACKT’s move from Nippon Crown.

Limited Edition (CD + DVD)

Regular Version (CD Only)

2. UNCONTROL Otoko Matsuri edition
3. EVER (Instrumental)
4. UNCONTROL Otoko Matsuri edition (Instrumental)

Larger versions of the artwork for the singles can be seen on
The Limited Edition costs $20.10 while the Regular Version costs $13.40.
You can purchase this single from one of the links under the Shopping Sites section =]



  1. Gahh, I hopeee this will be on the American iTunes~! 😮

    • Victoria: I’m quite sure it will =D~
      I’d still buy a physical copy though lol

  2. Is not in America iTunes?

    • Hidden Object: Welcome to Camui Love!
      As of right now it’s not – I’m quite sure it will be though. I only mention the Shopping Sites section because if you’re like me and love to own the actual CD case in your hands, then you would use one of those sites lol n.n;;;

  3. I’d love to own the actual CD too, but unfortunately I’m not allowed to buy online. Sooo I’m stuck with good ol’ iTunes. xD

    • Victoria: Ah, well as long as you can buy it lol

  4. If it isn’t available on iTunes, there’s always…other ways… *shifty eyes*

    • Victoria: Oh er, yeah but… let’s try to avoid that >>;

  5. I’ll avoid that method unless It’s absolutely necessary.


    these are two versions of the cover for Ever single and they are stunning!!! GACKT is sooooooo different in each of them, i love the single cd cover most, (it reminds me of Michael jackson -RIP- ^_^ but a thousand times better because it is GACKT hehe)

    *i am not sure if you have seen these yet just thought i would let you know just in case 🙂 enjoy 😛 *

    • Beth: Thanks for the heads up, I’ve edited the post accordingly~

      I think both of them are equally awesome, but I do love the single version as well. The MJ like-ness is cool, and rainbow + Gackt = @_______@ for me XD

  7. woa!! this pose like Michael Jackson, but of course GACKT is more better than MJ. . .

    • dindachan: Welcome to Camui Love 8D

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