Posted by: Jo | June 18, 2010

GACKT to participate in DATV [Message! to Asia] 2010.12.14

From the OMS Blog~
GACKT will be participating in Message! to Asia, a charity event which will be held in the Tokyo Dome, so it’s on a very large scale.

Thanks to excused_early for the info!
Message! to Asia Info



  1. When I read the sentence about the female fans being 30, 40, to 50 years old, I was like…woah… o.o;; Does GACKT and that other famous guy really have fans in their 60s?! Not that that’s bad…but just…I dunno, weird sounding.

    • Victoria: I’m quite sure there are younger fans as well, but keep in mind that most of his fans in Japan were in their teens when he first appeared in Malice Mizer and when he went solo. Also thanks to Furin Kazan, he gained the older women as fans, so that’s why Gackt is a man for all ages 8D~!

  2. ha ha ha . I’m not surprised but it’s kinda like the fans that Green Leaves would have (the ones in their 60’s XD especially seen in their Yatta Yatta video XD)

    • Min: I… have no idea who they are. XD

  3. Ohhhh that’s true, his MM fans are all older now lol. I’m glad to hear there’s older fans though, it makes me feel like less of a stalker. xDD;

  4. Jo: ha ha ha you should look on youtube and search Yatta green leaves (or leaf ) it’s the most ridiculous song and band i have ever seen. in the video there are crowds of older ladiers after near butt naked men XD the song is strange too by the way XD

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