Posted by: Jo | June 18, 2010

GACKT – Waratte Iitomo 2010.06.16

Sorry I’m so late on this guys m(_ _)m
Part 1 is just the previous guest introducing Gackt as the next guest on the show by phone – he appears in the next three.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Unbroadcasted Portion:

Thanks to excused_early for a summary of the show!
Waratte Iitomo Summary



  1. I just can’t get enough interviews of him, I think I’ve watched every interview made. xD Anyway, he’s just as gorgeous as ever~ ;D

    By the way, have you seen this video of GACKT?? It’s not an interview, but It’s so funny, and almost all of it is in English until the end.


    • Victoria: Oh god, Rens birthday… yes I’ve seen this, and I still laugh as hard as back then XDDD
      As you can see, Gackt is always quite cruel to people on their birthdays, lmfao

  2. Ehhh part 2 isn’t the FULL video as of yet. They cut out the part where the host was like OOH I SEE GACKT’S SMOOTH BARE CHEST! & GACKT went “IYAN!*HIDES HIMSELF* XD

    @Victoria: HAHAH! I’ve seen that! Poor Ren! GACKT is such a sadist!!

    • mjspice: Now it is, I’ve edited it 8D
      I know, I was waiting for that to come out but I figured I might as well post something lol

  3. I watched the programme on utube yesterday.I realized they were talking about Nemurai but with Exscused Early’s summary has helped a lot thankyou so much.He looked soooo lovely on this programme I do think Kimono’s suit him so well!! I have been looking for translation of his appearance with Takonori and Diago but as yet have not found one,they look as if they are having so much fun!!! If anyone has a translatio please can they post it?Thankyou so much in advance.

  4. Lol, if that kinda prank was pulled on me…they woulda been sorry. I hate being tricked like that, that’s very cruel indeed.

    • Victoria: I would just laugh it off – cruel as hell, but damn is that funny in the end. XD;

  5. Lol I thought their English was hilarious.

    Guy: “Get on the ground, get on the ground!!”
    GACKT: “I’m on the ground, man!”

    It was great haha. :33

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