Posted by: Jo | June 19, 2010

A little advice for YFC lives!

So the OHP has sent out this little announcement for the YFC lives (thanks to xrytalmad for translating!)

Dears are informed not to wear heels, platform shoes, etc for their own safety.

For their own safety, Dears should be wearing sneakers

excused_early decided to put together a small list of all the things that the Dears who attended the lives so far have suggested or complained about. I know that there are a lot of first-timers going to the YFC lives in Europe, as well as those familiar with standing lives or who have been in the roughest of mosh pits, but this list should be helpful to everyone. There are also more points and suggestions in the comments by fellow Dears, so please read on!
Advice for YFC



  1. Useful info, thanks!
    I hope the rules on thick heels are only for Japan – I’m quite small and I’ll see jack if I’m standing behind a guy!
    Anyone know if this rule applies to the O2?

    Just a thought..I wonder how people will cope holding it in for however many hours they’re preparing to queue for?! People won’t let you back in the line once you’ve left for a pee surely!

    • Puffy: You’re welcome~!
      Well when they say heels I’m quite sure they mean along the lines of stilettos and really tall platforms. I mean, a few inches is okay, but you don’t want to go overboard with something like 5 inches off the ground. They’d kill your feet at the end of the live anyways o.e;;

      LOL good question xD;
      Well, if you have someone with you then they can save your spot. I’m sure if you asked someone in line they would be kind enough to save your spot (hopefully). Of course, peeing is out of the question once inside the venue – you’re much too excited to even think about it xD;

  2. Ah thank goodness my shoes are 3 inches thick!

    Thanks for the advice as usual, it’s hard to get a response from some websites but yours is top of my list ;-D

    • Puffy: Yeah I think you’ll be okay. They’re not like high heels/stilettos are they? Because if your feet didn’t die from waiting in line, they surely would by the first song ^____^;;;
      Oh you’re welcome! Haha I guess I should pride myself in my fast responses 8D~!

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