Posted by: Jo | June 24, 2010

GACKT Community Blog 2010.06.24

GACKT is… resting?!?! And Chacha decides to hang with him for a bit 8D!
Staff Blog 2010.06.24



  1. I would love to add those pics to my collection, but I can’t. I supposed it’s supposed to be that way 😦

    • Mikaela: Yeah, only available to members *le sigh*

  2. aww these pictures are cute it is nice to see GACKT resting he never seems to have had enough rest ❤ thank you for sharing the link 🙂

    • Beth: Indeed, I love seeing him asleep – it’s like a luxury XD;
      You’re welcome ❤

  3. Hehe that’s cute. :3 But what do you mean the pics are for members only?

    • Victoria & mjspice:: Ack, sorry guys I should have rephrased that better:
      What I was talking about was that as soon as another staff blog pops up, the pictures from the earlier blogs are only available for members to access and view. Obviously, that doesn’t really have anything to do with the point in question (this is what happens when you’re falling asleep at work, eheh n________n;; )
      Sorry for the confusion!

  4. The pics make me sad. Poor exhausted GACKT. 😦

    @Above comments: Er…pics aren’t members only. :S

    • mjspice: I hope he’s just taking a little nap, and not hella exhuasted T^T…

  5. mjspice: Although It’s cute, I agree. Like, the poor guy is sleeping outside…on an exercise mat? That can’t be very comfortable. Chacha looks funny in the second picture though. xD

  6. ..:Chacha is wearing …pink… shoes?

    • Sabine: Yes he is~!
      It’s his favorite color after all =]

  7. Lol, I like how he’s just sitting there like doing nothing beside GACKT while he sleeps/rests. He’s just chillin’ in his pink shoes. xD

    • Victoria: I find it so adorable~ x3

  8. But hey, I mean… pink is okay… and yet.. those THINGS cannot honestly be called shoes, can they… ew!!! 😉

    • Sabine: xD If I’m not mistaken, I think Chacha’s wearing Crocs… yeah, not the most fashionable shoes but hey – Chacha’s cute, so he gets a pass. XD

  9. I think Crocs look kinda awkward, but hey, whatever floats his boat is fine by me. xD

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