Posted by: Jo | June 24, 2010

Nippon Crown puts up GACKT’s works on their YouTube channel!

To be quite honest… I think this should go down as a big FAIL for Nippon Crown. After 10 years of having GACKT under their belt and only now that he’s switching labels, NC has finally realized how much of a cash cow GACKT is and are now shamelessly promoting all his videos and the last two albums he will be releasing under their label – ARE YOU FRIED CHICKENz? and The Eleventh Day. I mean it’s not a bad thing per say – on the plus side there’s now an official channel for all his works. All I’m saying is, they could have done this a LONG time ago XD
Official Nippon Crown Channel



  1. here here!

  2. It’s made me sad to see Gackt’s PVs and performances with hundreds of thousands of views taken down, so people either can’t discover him or dismiss his music because ‘the videos would have more views if the music was better.’

    so I agree, this is kind of late lol. but good nonetheless.

    • janga201: Mhmm, that was a completely horrible move on the management’s part if you ask me. I mean if anything it probably distanced some of his overseas fanbase a bit, especially in the beginning. I understand about copyrights, but the easiest way to solve it would have been establishing this channel right at that time. And I agree, a lot of people probably have that mentality regarding his music due to the video views. Bah, que sera sera I suppose.
      But yes, good nes either way 😀

  3. IKR. But yeah at least there is a channel for his vids. :S

  4. This is good and all, but it almost sounds like they’re asking him to come to the company back by doing this. Like “we’ll put up your music if you rejoin us!”. I mean, after ten years they’re just now doing this? I wonder if there’s a catch.

    • Victoria: Like I said, they’re trying to milk all he’s worth while he’s still under their contract. I have a feeling once EVER is released, he officially makes the switch to Avex. But I agree, it definitely feels like a last plea to Gackt – almost like groveling at his feet lol

  5. I guess they wanna squeeze out all the money they can from him before It’s too late. I wonder if that makes him upset…

    • Victoria: Who knows – it might just be a part of the contract and he has to accept it =\

  6. Well, I guess we’ll all just have to go and stare at Gackt for hours on end until the videos have a respectable amount of views, amirite? Who’s with me?

    It’s been Gordie that was deleting the videos, but Nippon Crown that is putting them up. Presumably both companies have some share of the rights to his image in that case- perhaps there had to be negotiations before an official youtube channel could be an option. Then again, it looks like the whole thing is new, including the other Crown artists singles, in which case, welcome to the decade, Nippon -_-;;

    • Amaiakuyume: *raises hand* I’ll certainly join lol. Though it looks like the videos have quite a number of views under their belt already, so that’s pretty good =]

      Oh yeah, that’s who I meant when I said management n.n;;
      Their YT channel says they joined in 2008, but like you said a lot of their video uploads have been relatively new, especially for Gackt. I wonder if it was something in their policy or contracts that prevented them frm uploading videos before? Meh, no use wondering I guess ^^;

  7. What is all that “Nippon Crown you waited for 10 years, sorry, too late..”

    What’s wrong with you? Nippon Crown opened their channel in 2008, while every other freakin recording company isn’t interested to go under some Western Media Video site, only because from the beginning wasn’t made for that. I don’t get how people don’t know Japanese mentality, and still are saying nothing else, but false lies.

    Japanese aren’t obessesive with this Facebook, Myspace, YouTube etc. If you weren’t in Japan, then don’t make false image of it.
    Same goes for you admirers who made of GACKT an blonde-idol-anime boy image. He IS NOT THAT.

    And not to mention how Gackt isn’t as popular, as some of you think he actually is.

    WHO cares if his video’s have or don’t 1milion, or 1thousand views.
    What that means you much?
    Is this kind of a competition??! NO
    Get a life, that is a virtual world, with a virtual mentality, and that material
    -music video(s), tour lives etc-

    Stupid western people, get a life and stop be so closed and empty rocks without brain. You’re real robots, thanks to your POP culture kids in Asian are becoming same idiots as there.

    And now, when he has an YouTube channel, I don’t see you did removed your music video(s).

    Please, spread this message, and remove them, if you at least a little respect this work who actually don’t belongs to you.

    Until now you were free promoting, and spreading his art, but now is time for living to other(s) hands.
    Please, show now your heart as real Dears.

    • Elsa: Firstly, welcome to Camui Love!
      I apologize if my post seemed like I was angry or detrimental towards NC. I was merely speaking in jest – I’m actually quite happy that NC did this, just that I feel that they could have uploaded Gackt’s videos and the other artists’ videos under their belt around the same time that they made the YouTube account. I’m just curious as to why they didn’t upload his PVs earlier instead of only 3 days ago. But perhaps that entails some business negotiations that I will never have any knowledge about lol.
      I don’t believe I was spreading a lie… just stating my view in an, albeit, sarcastic way. I realize that it’s a bit hard to convey that on the internet though ^^;

      I don’t believe I ever said that Japanese people were obssessed with the same social networking sites as Westerners are. And no offense, but your point about us fans making him into a blonde-idol-anime boy is completely irrelevant to the topic in question. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned by talking with other Dears, it’s that the majority likes Gackt for his music and we continue to follow his life and works for his music and because he is an intelligent, inspiring person and so incredibly beautiful on the inside. Yes, he is beautiful on the outside too – but we’re all not THAT shallow, as you seem to believe.
      I am aware of the fact that Gackt isn’t exactly the most popular person in Japan – even in his own country he is considered a little strange. But he is pretty well-known regardless.

      No, the number of views on a video is not part of some competition to me, nor do I believe it’s a competition to anyone who visits this site. Who would we be competing with anyways? I beleieve the only reason fans want more video views on his works is to get the attention of more people = more possible Dears in the future. You’d be surprised how many people will look past a video without so much as a second glance because of so little views. If we managed to get more views on his videos, people who are unfamiliar with the JRock world or foreign music in general may start to think that Gackt is someone worth checking out. Sure it’s a bit optimistic, but I think it’s worth something.
      I do have a life outside of the internet, as I’m sure a lot of people do. I only update this site when I have free time from my studies and other going-ons in my life.
      I never stated that any videos of Gackt’s belonged to me, or anyone else. I was just stating that the removal of fanvideos, interviews, and deletion of YouTube accounts without notice probably distanced some of his overseas fans a bit, but not too badly as he still has a lot of love coming from other countries.

      Contrary to what you are assuming, not ALL Westerners are close-minded. Just because a majority of what you see appears to be “Western life” does not mean that it reflects everyone who lives in those countries. I live in America and trust me, there are many things about pop culture and etc. over here that I headdesk about on a daily basis.

      I haven’t switched out the videos that have been uploaded by NC yet because I posted this information only yesterday, and it’s going to take me a bit before I get to fixing videos. I do hope you realize that it’s only one person updating this site ne? It’s a big and tedious job for me to handle alone, so it’s going to take some time before I get to fixing different areas of the site.

      As a last note, I appreciate it if the next time you comment on this site that you try to refrain from attacking certain people or groups of people. I only allowed your comment to be posted in order to clear up the meanings behind a lot of what was said, but I will not tolerate someone who just barges in and starts trying to pick a fight. I hope you know by the way, that Gackt hates it when his Dears fight. No fan is above another, no matter how long you’ve been in the fandom, how many times you’ve seen him live, or where you come from. We are all equal and should treat each other with respect and a love that stems from being able to talk, share feelings about, and appreciate an incredible artist and human being.
      I think a “real” Dear is simply someone who appreciates and supports Gackt from the bottom of their heart, and tries to show that same love and support to others – especially other Dears.

  8. …shall I buy you a drink to celebrate your first flamer? >.>

    (Assuming it is the first, of course).

    • Amaiakuyume & Victoria: LOL thanks guys xD
      Well I guess the first one signals some wierd progress ne n___n;?

      As a side note amaia, have you encountered flamers too?

  9. *Chips in for the drink* >.>

  10. wow, what a calm response =)

    that’s another drink in itself.

    • janga201: Eheh, I tried to keep it rational~

  11. Now you’re making fun of me..
    Just google about Gackt, and first what you will
    find is how you made of him false image.
    Especially that nude-blond photo(s), like only
    that you had.

    And now, when he has his official YouTube video(s) under Nippon Crown, I don’t see you removed your music video(s). That infringes right(s)!

    Remove your music video(s) from YouTube.

    • Elsa: I’m not making fun of you – all I wanted to do was clear up any confusion or miscommunication.
      Umm.. I have no power over what Google sets as their results for images of Gackt, nor am I responsible for what image pops up as the most viewed. And I did not make him into a false image – that’s what he looked like at the time ne? And if you notice on this site, most of the pictures here are recent, current images of Gackt – not the older ones.

      Again, I am a busy person and it takes me awhile to fix images, links, videos, and etc., especially when I am working on different pages or am creating new things for this site. Please understand this and be patient with me – I will get to fixing those in good time.
      Lastly… I don’t have any videos uploaded onto YouTube =\

  12. Um, I’ve got into arguments on Dears where a bunch of people either told me I was a deluded fantard or a Gackt hating b*tch depending on whether I was supporting him or criticizing him. But that was before I did much translating.

    (I have to admit lol-ing whenever I see one of those usernames add me these days and start telling me how awesome and nice I apparently am.)

    Most of the annoying messages I get are strangers begging me for things. I mean, I understand it’s disappointing as a Gackt fan to not be able to buy stuff, but I didn’t volunteer to be everyone’s shopping/filesharing service when I moved here >_>

    • Amaiakuyume:Oh fandom, how you amuse me.

      Aww man that kinds of sucks D: Like those people expect you to offer some kind of shopping-ish service just because you may have held an auction here and there and because you’re in Japan…
      A bit of the downside of kinda being known in the overseas fandom I guess, ne? .____.;

  13. If you type “About GACKT” in Google, the first thing that comes up is the official Wikipedia of him. I don’t think his Dears gave him a “certain image”, he just enjoys mixing his style up a bit, and it just happened to be more of an Anime/videogame style back then. 😛 As long as he’s happy with the way he looks, I think Dears should support it even if It’s not their favorite style of him. 🙂

    GACKT’s Wiki-

  14. I like this website and Jo you really awesome to create this blog and updated news about Gackt. I agree with you that we as fans of Gackt- his dears should not picking a fight each other bcause we have a same thought which is LOVE GACKT very much. It doesn’t matter who uploaded in Youtube, bcause if you talk about belonging, all that creations is belong to Gackt only. And I’m sure that he as singer, song writer want to all the people in this world know his creation no matter what way.
    I as his fan really want all people know who Gackt is, want to show them his awesome music and etc. I think the more people uploaded his creation in internet, i have a hope that more people will notice Who is gackt really is, since we as overseas fans really hard to get his stuff. Up until now i’ve thought that Gackt very cruel to his overseas fans but after reading all of this right now i know that he’s not that kind of guy. Thank God. 🙂

    • Pbonk: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Oh thank you so much! Glad you enjoy it and I do my best 8D
      I agree with you completely. I understand that filesharing is a bothersome thing but it also has helped spread music from Gackt and JRock in general overseas. I think that if you have the cash to spare though, you could purchase official merchandise to support him and other artists =]
      Oh I’m so glad to have helped clear that up for you – another reason this site was designed for~ When I find the blog where he says how he hates Dears fighting I will certainly link you to it x3

  15. Elsa, thank you for sharing 🙂
    Gackt is an awesome singer.

  16. Sorry, I thought Elsa was the webmaster. I want to thank the Webmaster for sharing information on Gackt. Where I live, there is no Dears here. So we are out in the dark over here in the United States. I think Gackt has such an Awesome Voice!
    He is just an awesome person!!! There are many people who admire and respect Gackt here (U.S.) and in Europe. His concerts were all sold out in Europe. They were selling his tickets for 200 or more euros per ticket. Once again, thank you to the Webmaster for sharing. 🙂

    • Jo: Welcome to Camui Love~!
      I would be the webmaster, you can just call me Jo lol

      Where do you live if I may ask =o?
      Oh, and feel free to comment here anytime, there are many other wonderful Dears you can talk to ^__^~!
      And you’re welcome ❤

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