Posted by: Jo | June 29, 2010

GACKT Blog 2010.06.29

GACKT reflects on the live in Fukuoka and promises to keep pushing forward and living seriously, even in the midst of another trip to the hospital with a fever…
GACKT Blog 2010.06.29

Thanks to ashura-oh and amaiakuyume for translating!
ashura-oh: Blog Translation
amaiakuyume: Blog Translation

*Note: You must have an LJ account and comment on ashura-oh’s journal or pm her that you came to her site through this one and that you would like to read her translations. If you’ve done so already, you should be able to view this with no problems =]



  1. Thanks Jo, a bit scary isn’t it? He just needs a good sleep I think!

    • Puffy: It is… meh, I hope he takes it a little easy, he definitely needs rest (though he probably won’t *sigh*)

  2. Oh god, =_= Gackt get better!

  3. Oh my gosh, his career will be the death of him… >.> He NEEDS to start taking some freaking vacations. =/ And um…he mentions steroids, what’s that about? o.o

    • Victoria: Yeah… I don’t think he knows what a vacation is… *sigh*
      Oh – he’s not talking about the kind of steroids that make your muscles go BAM!, no bad drug-taking going on here xD He’s probably referring to a type of steroid that’s being used to help his fever go down. There’s more than one use for a lot of medical drugs after all…

  4. yeah they’re is different types of steriod.
    for ex: I take a type of sterioid form that comes in pumps for my asthma

  5. *sigh* TAKE A VACATION GACKT!!! T_T

  6. hello my Dear ❤

    Oh my GACKT o____O that's so frustated for me to read that post !!


  7. I’ve only been into G a for several months, and now I worry about him too. HOW DO YOU GUYS COPE WITH THIS? This man is too stubborn for his own good. I hope someone can just kidnap him and bring him somewhere where he can totally rest for even 2-3 days. Following his sked since Nemuri, I really doubt if he gets enough rest. In a few week’s time, he’ll be off to Europe. He should really learn how to slow down a little.

    • Teya: Somehow it’s just something you learn to deal with – ish. Gackt has always been one to push himself to the limits, a part of his view on life to live seriously and give everything you’ve got everyday – living to the fullest in it’s truest form. I do wish he would slow down or take a break as well, but I think that call always falls on deaf ears *sigh* I think the best we can do as Dears is to just trust that he knows what he’s doing and send him our love, support, and kiai.

  8. Hmm, I never thought thought of steroids like that, haha that’s a bit of relief. xD I just hope he knows when to take it easy, like…I know he’s stubborn and all but you’d think he’d realize that just maybe he’s working his body too hard. :/

    • Victoria: Yeah, I agree he should take it a little easier but well… maa, just gotta trust he knows what he’s doing >w<

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