Posted by: Jo | June 29, 2010

GACKT – Fool’s Mate 2010.08 Preview

Thanks to dyan25 and fin-style for the preview!
Fool’s Mate 2010.08 Preview

You can purchase this magazine from one of the links under the Shopping Sites section =]



  1. Omg, the one picture with the red background looks like it should say “come get me” lol. xD Also, I have to say, the shirt he’s wearing under his jacket…yeah, It’s a tad creepy. 😛

    • Victoria: He so is… and I’d obey 8D~
      It is but for some reason I find it all the more alluring >o>…

  2. Oh yeah, I’d obey too. 😉

  3. god…. this man should be considered illegal on all levels. Why is he so perfect? His body is of complete perfection…. Abs, hot looks. And I agree that the shirt is a bit creep. I can’t wait for the hq scans… my new gackt eye candy XD

    • Min: If he was illegal, wouldn’t that just make everyone want him even more? xDD That’s even more dangerous I think!

  4. Haha it should be illegal! But then again, if it was illegal, he wouldn’t be allowed to look the way he does and seduce his Dears. xD

  5. ha ha ha there would be an underground syndicate and black market just for trying to get him XD imagine how crazy that would be? XD

    • Min: Zomg, that would be so epic. XD

  6. I’d definitely be a part of that underground group. xD

    • Victoria: I think we all would XD

  7. We’d have to lure him underground somehow. 😛

    • Victoria: Hmmm… I think the whole box-held-up-by-a-stick-attatched-to-a-string trick works pretty well. Just leave a trail of kimchi, man-thongs, Platinum Egoiste perfume, or meat to the trap – one of those is bound to work LOL

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