Posted by: Jo | July 3, 2010

Anime Shiki to be simulcasted by FUNimation!

Since April 2010, FUNimation had made a deal with Fuji TV to simulcast several anime on their noitaminA block, where they air a certain series’ episode within an hour after it’s been broadcasted in Japan, and Shiki is the next one on their list!
Just to refresh your memories, Shiki is the anime that GACKT was asked to provide his voice for one of the characters, Seishiro Kirishiki. The episodes will be subtitled in English but the audio will be in its original Japanese, so you’ll be able to hear GACKT~!

Thanks to lunayamaneko at the Dears Com. for the info!
Shiki News



  1. Think it’ll be online? =o

    • Victoria: Yush! It’ll be uploaded onto YouTube by fans and I believe Hulu will show it also. I’m also assuming FUNimation will have it up and running somewhere on their site :3

  2. Yayy! That’s great, I can’t wait to see it. :3

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