Posted by: Jo | July 3, 2010

GACKT – Birthday Countdown!

There’s a countdown going on the OHP:

Apparently there’s some wierd puzzle thing going on and amaiakuyume is keeping a check on it, so you can follow her for the birthday reveal~
Birthday Puzzle



  1. Thankyou for this,I do spend a lot of time reading Aiayume’s site.She does some really good translations,I will have to go and see if I can find the countdown you refer to.

    • ann: Welcome, and that she does (hear that Amaia? We love you 8D)
      I linked to it on the post I believe, so you can just click there =D

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GACKT!!! ❤ i hope you have an amazing day 🙂

  3. Are they going by American time? o.O Technically It’s already July 4th in Japan, but the countdown says 11 hours to go lol.

  4. victoria: i thought that too but when i changed the time on my computer to Japanese time the countdown changed as well ^_^

  5. Oh, well then I’m late I suppose. xD


    • Rinchan: Just wanted to say, welcome to Camui Love (what a perfect day to comment 8D)!

  7. Happy Birthday Gackt!!

    • Brenda: Just wanted to say, welcome to Camui Love!

  8. I found the countdown on Amaiakuyume’s site thankyou.Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the result until this afternoon as I was babysitting my youngest grandson last night and didn’t get home until this afternoon.It was great when I logged back in I had 13 messages from my new live journal friends.All of a sudden my life is really opening up,I’m so grateful to you all,thankyou for making me feel so welcome!!!

    • ann: Well at least she took screencaps of what was going on ne?
      Haha aww you’re very welcome! I’m glad you’re making friends so fast already, isn’t the internet wonderful for reasons like that 8D? I love getting messages myself, and I will eventually get to commenting on your posts, promise >w<!

  9. Happy Birthday Gackt! ❤

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