Posted by: Jo | July 3, 2010

GACKT – MusiQ? Special: Out of Music Vol.9 2010.08 Interview (Partial)

Just a little snippet on his move to avex~
Thanks to amaiakuyume for translating!
Out of Music Vol.9 2010.08 Interview (Partial)



  1. Thankyou for sharing this.I for one am grateful for his move to Avex as I wonder if he would have gotten to visit europe so soon if he had stayed with Nippon Crown.I think Avex will get him seen out in the world more which is what I think he wants!!!Now he can share his thoughts and ideas with a wider audience!!

    • ann: You’re welcome!
      Who knows? I’m sure he’s been thinking about it this whole time but perhaps things were just too complicated with Nippon. Either way I was confident Gackt knew what he was doing – he’s got a great business sense =D And I agree, I can’t wait for Gackt to expand his world overseas ❤

  2. I wasn’t really concerned about his move to AVEX. I don’t understand why some fans thought he’d change his sound just because of that? However, he says that they’re a serious record company about work and whatnot, and that’s why he moved…hopefully they don’t overwork him. >.>

    • Victoria: I think it’s because a lot of fans of other bands and artists have experienced that when their favorites moved to Avex. But like Gackt said, we fans follow him for his music and his way of life. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that Gackt will not compromise his art nor would he change just to do what everyone thinks is popular. He does things in his own way and it’s been like that for years.
      Yeah, perhaps he felt that avex was getting things done so he decided to make the switch for the better of his career.
      I don’t think we have to worry about the label overworking him… more like Gackt overworking himself >____>;

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