Posted by: Jo | July 4, 2010

GACKT Blog 2010.07.04

Even on his birthday… we love you GACKT – please take it easy today ❤
GACKT Blog 2010.07.04

Thanks to ashura_oh and amaiakuyume for translating!
ashura_oh: Blog Translation
amaiakuyume: Blog Translation

*Note: You must have an LJ account and comment on ashura-oh’s journal or pm her that you came to her site through this one and that you would like to read her translations. If you’ve done so already, you should be able to view this with no problems =]



  1. maybe this year there will be a lot less of the birthday drinking… i hope he gets better soon 🙂

    • Beth: Oh I am crossing my fingers on that one! JOB, staff, friends, anyone… do NOT let that man go all-out after the live DDD:!!!

  2. aww…being in the hospital on one’s birthday is kinda depressing! At least he’s got a concert tonight so he can spend the evening with a roomful of Osaka Dears who love him to bits?! XD Though I’m not sure if that’s very good for his health, physically…

    It is my dream to see GACKT live on his birthday someday, but unfortunately, that was not mean to be this year. So the best I could do was spend the day chillin’ and listening to his songs, lol!

    • SkyeMyst: Welcome to Camui Love!
      I think he should be resting but that cry falls on deaf ears T^T Still, I’m glad to see that all the emails he received made him happy ❤

      Haha same same! I hope you do get to see him though x]

  3. Poor GACKT in hospital on his birthday!Thankyou Amaiakuyume for the translation of his blog.So typical of him to still think of his fans.I’m getting very worried about him as he seems to end up in hospital after nearly everyone of his concerts now!I wish he would rest more!

    • ann: I know what you mean, he needs some time to rest soon >___<
      Still… I'm happy he's happy on his birthday, regardless of the situation.

  4. He’s still in the hospital? 😦 I hope he’s feeling better. I’m glad lots of Dears sent him emails, it made him happy. =) I’ll be sending him a birthday email tonight. 🙂

    • Victoria: Actually I think he was out of the hospital, but went back in today D: Im sure he’ll be okay, and like yo usaid at least he’s happy ❤
      I did as soon as it turned midnight over here… Not as nerve-wrecking as I thought it would be lol

  5. Jo: What did you send him? 😮

    • Victoria: Basically a smaller version of my birthday post on LJ. Sadly Yahoo didn’t send it, so on one hand I want to pull some ninja moves on it but on the other hand I’m grateful because I made a mistake on typing Happy Birthday in Japanese and I don’t think I put my name on it LOL

  6. I’ve already asked on Amaiakuyume’s page but I wonder if anyone here know’s how our GACKT is after his hospital stay and the Osaka birthday live.I do hope he has recovered and is resting before Europe.I’m seeing him in Londin on the 16th.

  7. Ann: I’ve been wondering that too, hopefully he’s feeling better and out of the hospital. I hope you have fun on the 16th!! 🙂

  8. Thanks Victoria I’m sure I shall.Apparently at the Osaka live he looked really well and as energetic as usual,I was told this on Amaiakuyume’s site.So I’m hoping he really is better!!

  9. Aww that’s great, let’s just hope he continues to stay healthy. 🙂

  10. Hmm…Yahoo didn’t send it, I wonder why? I use Yahoo as well, and mine was sent…I think…I hope it was anyway lol. Did you resend it though?

    • Victoria: Not yet, I’m going to when I have the time again. Though I wanted to send a letter first before an email, so I might do that first.
      My only guess is that Yahoo doesn’t like the capital letters .____.;; Maybe if you lowercase them it’ll send through? I mean Gackt’s original email was all in lowercase before he capitalized it. Though honestly I don’t think capitalizing is really possible in emails – isn’t everything supposed to be in lowercase anyway? If so, he’s a goof lol

  11. Lol GACKT is supposed to be goofy. 😛 Anyway, if it didn’t send, would I get a message back saying it didn’t go through? Because when I sent it, I put it exactly like this; and got nothing back, so I just assumed it went through. Caps or no caps, I know it doesn’t matter here…but maybe for Japan it does? ._.;

    • Victoria: If you’re using Yahoo then yeah, they would send a message that says like “Error” or something.
      o.o So maybe yours worked then? Wth Yahoo do you NOT want me to email Gackt .____.?!?!
      I really don’t know x__x

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