Posted by: Jo | July 7, 2010

Chirolyn Blog 2010.06

I feel bad for not updating about these guys more… they need some lurve too D:!

Anyway, from the last time I posted about Chirolyn (whenever that was…), he’s updated his site to make it more pink so that my eyes burn and has been blogging about random t.v. shows and things in life. No mentioning of YFC so far but he’s appeared in Jun-ji’s blog like every other post, so I guess that counts. And for whatever reason he decided to set a Japanese version of “Pants on the Ground” as his repeating site music. Don’t ask xD;
Chirolyn Blog 2010.06



  1. Dang~ @__@;; that could make you dizzy AND blind…

  2. lmao pants on the ground pants on the ground XD now it’s stuck in my head

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