Posted by: Jo | July 7, 2010

Jun-ji Blog 2010.06-07

It’s a bit hard keeping up with the rest of Job when they don’t have translated blogs, but I’ll try to at least do this monthly if anything n__n;;

Since the last time I’ve blogged about Jun-ji, he’s moved his blog to another site and prettied it up~ He’s been making lots of entries about YFC with pictures of him with staff and Job. He’s also made posts about his merchandise, places he’s at, other bands, and his motorcycle. In any case, his blog always manages to stay colorful :3
Jun-ji Blog



  1. Yayy Jun-ji’s blog isn’t blinding! Instead…he wears vampire teeth in the banner. xD

    • Victoria: Would you believe me if I said those are his real teeth? x3;;

  2. >.> Oh my gosh… really…?

    • Victoria: Yes really. Jun-ji is a little vampire xD;

  3. Wow, so…I’m assuming he actually had his teeth sharpened? There’s no way they’re naturally like that… xD;

    • Victoria: I don’t know – If they were sharpened I don’t think the canines would be THAT long. I’m thinking they’re natural @___@;;

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