Posted by: Jo | July 13, 2010

GACKT – YFC Europe Tour Update!

Waa it’s almost Friday guys~!
Just a few more reminders before the Europe Tour officially kicks off:

July 16: O2 Islington Academy, London:
Thanks to takahisashinoku at the Dears Com. for the info!
* It seems that fans have already started to wait for the show since this past Monday. This is just a reminder to all those attending the London show that camping or over night loitering is under no circumstances allowed. The venue is within PRIVATE OWNED property – those who try to camp or loiter will be moved on.
All those attending should have recieved an email from the ticket sellers that stated this information, but just in case you somehow skipped that part, here it is again.

A warning has been given out from those involved with the hosting of gigs that if people continue to camp outside the venue, they will REFUSE to host anymore JRock gigs.

Please do not ruin this for other fans, not only in the GACKT fandom but for the JRock fandom as a whole. If you see anyone loitering or camping outside the venue, please make sure to inform them about this and suggest that they wait until the day of the concert to arrive at the venue, like everyone else should be doing.

July 20: Salamandra 1, Barcelona
Thanks to fuxxtothefuture at the Dears Com. for the info!
* The recording of either audio or video, or pictures, is forbidden for the entire show. This rule applies to professional and personal photo cameras, and also to mobile phone’s cameras.
It is highly recommended that nobody enters the live with a photo or video camera, they will be asked to leave it in the lockers.

* So yes, the Barcelona venue does indeed have lockers. You can rent a locker for 1 € and leave your bags or other unnecessary items there before the show and pick them up later.

This is just a little note from myself, but please take care of yourselves minna-san! Make sure to stay hydrated and nutritioned so there’s no fainting, be courteous to your fellow Dears (make new friends 8D~!), and above all – show GACKT and Job your kiai, love and utmost respect okaaaaaay?!
Here’s the link to a couple of suggestions and etc. for those who didn’t get to see this the first time around:
YFC Advice



  1. Thanks for this post Jo.It’s a shame that one or two always seem to try to spoil things for everyone else,I do hope those camping had the good sense to listen and move!! It would be disastrous for the rest of us if O2 refused to do any J.Rock shows again!!Thankyou for your Kiai at my age I will need all the help I can get!!! I will drink lots of water and eat plenty of salty crisps,I don’t want to pass out and miss GACKT!!!!!!

    • ann: Yeah, but that’s how it always is ne? =\
      I hope so too, I’m sure no one means any harm by it n.n
      Waaa, have a great time and yes, I’ll send more kiai to give all of you an extra push x3~!

  2. People are still loitering unfortuantely because ‘they have nowhere else to go’, I will be so mad if these kids ruin it for the rest of us!!!

    • Puffy: Seriously? Oooh that’s so uncool >.<!!! I hope someone gets the word out to them! Go loiter somewhere else if you have to! xD;;

  3. I’ve got a question about the Barcelona venue that someone floating out there might have the answer to . . . Salamandra 1 consists of two buildings, both on the same street, Sala 1 and Sala 2. Which one is Gackt performing for? I couldn’t get any info when I checked with them a few weeks back. Maybe I’ll just have to show up and look for a bunch of people @.@ I’d hate to lose a good spot in line just because I don’t know which Sala it is.

  4. Nikki,
    the concert will be held at Sala 1. and the address is:
    Av. Carrilet, 235 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

    here is the link:

    • Josy: Welcome to Camui Love, and thanks for answering her question. ‘Cause I had no clue. XD

  5. They need to stop camping outside. XD
    Oh. By the way, I’ve been thinking.
    Is Gackt planning on speaking the languages of the countries he’s in? Or is he just going to speak Japanese?
    I wonder…

    • Katrina: If anything I’d assume he’d speak English at the very least. He knows some French (though he says he can only remember pick up lines xD) and I think a bit of Spanish, but English is the best bet =]

  6. Hi Jo,well tomorrows the big day and now I’m really excited,don’t know how I’ll sleep tonight!!!Ashura oh translated GACKT’s blog and he’s now on his way from the Netherlands, I do hope he’s not suffering from jet lag when he gets here!!!! I’ve started my preperations for tomorrow inclouding making a quite large tag that can go on my bag with my userpic on and name so I’m hoping some fellow Dears will come and say hello as this will be a good oppotunity for me to meet some!!! I will try to post a report when I get back but I’ve never been very good at writing things down but I will do my best!!

    • ann: Ah yes, I had to catch up on my f-list before I posted it, but thank you for telling me!
      Oooh I do hope you’ll meet others too! You should talk to some of the Dears going to the live tomorrow to see if they’d want to meet up somewhere, it’s always better going in a group~~
      And don’t worry about the quality of your writing, what’s important is that you saw Gackt and that you can share your experience ^___^!

  7. Jody,

    Thanks a bunch! And Katrina, I do wonder if he’ll be speaking in the native languages. He learned French at one point for when he went to France, didn’t he? Hmm . . . It’ll be fun hearing him shout in Japanish in Spain LOL

  8. Not sure if anyone still needs a ticket but it seems I now have one to sell, a friend cannot attend. I will put it on eBay for around £80, but if anyone here is interested please let me know.

  9. This is it! The first ever European tour for Gackt-sama. I am envious of you guys who will be able to watch. Show G all the love and support. Hopefully everything will go well. Do keep us posted. Enjoy!

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