Posted by: Jo | July 15, 2010

GACKT Blog 2010.07.15

GACKT was in the Netherlands for photoshoots~! He blogs about a little bit of the time he and the staff had spent there, posts a couple of pictures on his blog, and apologizes on behalf of dancer SIVA, who was recently arrested for drug abuse. He’s on his way to London now, waiting to give and recieve your kiai!
GACKT Blog 2010.07.15

Thanks to ashura_oh and amaiakuyume for translating!
ashura_oh: Blog Translation
amaiakuyume: Blog Translation

*Note: You must have an LJ account and comment on ashura-oh’s journal or pm her that you came to her site through this one and that you would like to read her translations. If you’ve done so already, you should be able to view this with no problems =]



  1. Ohh I read this earlier, he said his body’s condition hasn’t returned yet…I hope it will soon. =/ The restaurant thing was funny though. xD Andd…I can’t believe one of his previous dancers got arrested. o.o

    • Victoria: Yeah me too.. I have no doubt he’s going to give it all he’s got tomorrow, but I do hope he gets some rest in-between…
      I know, he has to poke fun at the staff no matter where they are xD;
      And yes, it’s unfortunate to hear about SIVA but these things happen. I hope he recovers quickly =\

  2. Thanks Jo read this blog this morning on Ashura oh and the Amayukume.GACKT sounds really upset about his dancer but it’s not his fault he always gives a good example. If somebody is weak and gives in to these temptations he can’t blame himself!! I do hope he enjoys his Europe tour,typically we’ve gone into a normal summer for England,It’s pouring with rain,I hope weather improves for tomorrow for my friend driving us to London!! I don’t think GACKT would enjoy early morning runs here in the pouring rain!!

    • ann: Yeah, these things happen and it’s just unfortunate that Gackt and the staff have to go through it. But, they’re all strong and they’ll push forward from it =]
      Oooh I hope it clears up for you guy too – maybe Gackt’s presence will lighten up the day 8D!

  3. I really hope GACKT gets his energy back because we sure don’t want him collapsing onstage; all his fans there will be worried and feel bummed-out if that were to happen.
    Yeah, it’s not necessary to apologize for other peoples doings; however, it is the proper thing to do most of the time. I respect GACKT for that.

    • Margaret: I hope so too. I’m sure he’ll be alright – just make sure to give him and the band lots of kiai alright?! He’s going to really appreciate it x3!!
      Indeed, he’s really admirable for that.

  4. I really hope that his tour would go well. Praying for safe trips and performances for the whole crew.

    I feel so proud that Gackt-sama is not tolerant on drug use. My respect for this guy has increased a hundred fold. He can be a bit eccentric at times but when it comes to principles, he knows the stuff he will stand up for. My heart is bursting with love for this guy. 🙂

    • Teya: Same here *crosses fingers*
      Mhmm, Gackt just knows how to pump up the love meter~ But really, I am glad he’s against using them. Though he’s never come right out and said it until now, I had a feeling his view on drugs was like that. Ah Gackt, please continue to be you dear ❤

  5. Hey Jo 🙂 Thanks for the post!! How have you been these days??

    Sighhh poor GACKT + his body + the fact that he feels upset and still felt obligated to apologize to his fans for SIVA :(….well I hope SIVA gets better…

    And most of all, hope our beloved man gets better =P

    • Lucy: No problem!
      Well I actually started up my next quarter in college. It’s gonna get tougher, but I’m being positive about it n.n How about you?

      Yes, yes, and yes to everything you just said x3

  6. Why is it everytime that GACKT comes to The Netherlands I dont know that or I am in another country ,thats so unfair. Anyway, I like this blog, I hope that he is better now. And I hope he is coming to The Netherlands again ^^ lemmy know then.

    • Nikki: Don’t beat yourself up too badly – he blogged after he left, so there’s no way any of us could have known lol

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