Posted by: Jo | July 16, 2010


Let me just say – I heard a bit here and there from those who went to the London live and… it was incredible.
Look out for new reports on this page coming soon!

Moving on, I had a feeling this would be released today~~
Excuse me while I try to calm myself down from an intensely GACKT-emotional day ❤



  1. It…looks…AMAZING!
    Best 15 seconds of my day~!!! >.<

    • Victoria: I just died. I seriously feel like I am having an outer body experience… I can’t say much more than that lol

  2. Oh. My. God. It looks glorious. I can’t wait until my DVD arrives. I just hope I’ll be back in the States in time to pick it up before heading back to University XP

    • Nikki: Haha I hope it arrives soon for you as well ❤

  3. And I must say, this hairstyle looks pretty sweet on him. :3

    • Victoria: Mmm it does, it does ❤

  4. Omg what he did at 0:07 xD!!! I can’t wait to see the whole thing!

    • Jassy: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Yes, that moment.. I shamelessly keep watching it over and over xD

  5. Hi Jo ,I got back from London 15 minutes ago at 5.05 am.It was the most amazing experience!!!Had a bad journey up but arrived just as the doors were opened,huge queue!!When I got in I ended up in the mosh pit quite near the back unfortunately but could still see the stage mostly!!The set list was the same as YFC DVD except he sang Ever instead of Whiteeyes!! When he came on to sing Zan he had a Samurai sword he was brandishing!!He had one side of his hair plaited like the recent photos and sparkles under his eye,even his ear piece was sparklyHe looked sooo hot and he did speak English saying we,re all one people and one country all his brothers and sisters,his family and he loves us!!!!!We all rocked and shouted sending our Kiai to him!!He said at the end he will be back!!! When he ripped his shirt off buttons went flying everywhere and oh was he gorgeous even hotter and more beautiful than in any of the DVD;s.The sound was awesome just as good as his records if not better! You and ChaCha were gorgeous too,You’s hair was crinkly and ChaCha had his like ponytail folded up at the back and it also looked quite crinkly.Chirolyn as usual messed around pulling faces and they all sprayed the water bottles and threw them into the crowd!!Right at the end Chirolyn was on stage on his own and he dropped his trousers I wish it had been GACKT but we couldn’t have eveything I suppose!!Afterwaeds we waited outside and as they got on their bus they waved and took pictures of us.All through the show there was a camera man filming so maybe he’s going to release a DVD of the tour for each country or something!!I’m sorry if this is a bit disjointed but I’ve not had any sleep and I am coming down from my GACKT high but I just wanted to tell you how incredibly awesome it was!!!

    • ann: Thank you so much Ann, it truly sounds like you had an incredible experience and I am so happy for you! If you don’t mind, I’m going to link to your entry on LJ as well just in case people don’t look at the comments n__n;;

      Wow, I’m surprised you’re still awake and have the energy to write on here as well as your LJ – you must be so fired up!! I’m so happy the live made-up for the trip there n.n;
      Aaah everything sounds so amazing and again, I’m so happy to hear your experience. Haha it’s okay – because it’s disjointed a bit, it feels more raw, more passionate and intense. Exactly how the live was ne ^___^?
      Anyway get some rest – you need to recharge from all that!!!

  6. LONDON WAS AMAZING LAST NIGHT!!!!!!! i will write a review in full soon i hope ❤ would you be abale to upload it to an account that you may have because i don't have and blogs 😛 i couldn't sleep last night despite having 2 hours the two night before as well and this preview is stunning!!!!! thank you GACKTO you were perfect and sooooooooooooooooo handsome and sexy 😛

    • Beth: Waa I’m so happy you had a great time!
      Oh no problem, I’d be glad to do so ^___^~! Just email it to me at and I will post it up for you =D

      Aww I do hope you get some rest, you must be fired up but exhausted! Haha yes the preview is stunning~~
      Again, glad you had a blast ❤

  7. I’d write a review soon but you guys seem to have captured the highlights already!!! Jo I would be so honoured for you to keep everyone updated with any reviews or official press of the live. Well done everyone for surviving the mosh pits, I had like a a milimetre space to do my little one lol 😛

    • Puffy: Hey the more the merrier is what I say =D!
      Oh I always do dear, just make sure to check back on that post because I may or may not remember to remind others lol. And you’ll hear from me first if there’s an official vid for the live, promise~

  8. is my mind playing tricks on me??? I dun feel GACKTY watching this… It’s so not him… It’s so overly mass-market, general-pop and ………… etc…

    I think I need to hear the entire song 1st… but still… the style is not so him…

    • Yikiwa: Is it? Hmm it doesn’t sound that way to me o.o…
      Well it is only just a preview, and the chorus of his songs tend to be somewhat lighter or different than the verses ne?
      Technically the whole song has been uploaded onto YT, but I want to listen to the whole thing when the PV comes out – it’s kind of hard to do so when you’re real excited though xD; But if you’re really curious, it’s there =]

  9. About the concert, I’m surprised no one has said this already but he did an english version of Mind Forest, which was rather awsome.

    P.S. Gackt asked who wante to F**K him, too many screams, I must admit I hesitated being a man and all… lol

    • un[Beautiful]: Somewhere in one of these posts someone did mention it lol I just have no idea where xp;
      LOL well I mean it’s not your fault – Gackt is just well…Gackt. XD

  10. I’m already calling this the BEST VIDEO EVER! XDDDDDD

    • mjspice: I want to see him dance a little xD;

  11. hello Dear ❤

    Wahoo Im in love with this new GACKT-song *____*

    that's soooooooooo beautiful , amazing, just PERFECT <3<3<3<3

    • moon: Hello~!
      Hahaha, it sounds like it’ll be a good one n.n

  12. I just heard the full song on youtube. I like the song but don’t care so much for the guitar parts in the intro and ending. But that’s okay, since everyone is diffferent. Below the video, someone commented that he didn’t like the song and that not even GACKT is able to write good songs all the time. I disagree with his latter comment. It’s not that GACKT can write bad songs, it’s that each of us has personal likes and dislikes or preferences. Anyway, Go GACKT!

    • Margaret: I am resisting the urge to listen to it until the full PV comes out. I might be a little M for doing so, but oh well XD;
      Oh yeah definitely agree. But some people just gotta blame him for everything =o=;
      Yaay G~!

  13. un[Beautiful]: I know! There were a couple of songs were he sang some English. I keep trying to remember details about the live but all the screaming and G’s girating has merged everything together 😛 His accent was really good though I remember and the words sound really powerful in my native language 😀

  14. Just a though, but is that an amp he’s throwing? XDD

    • Victoria: It looks like a container for equipment more than an amp. I’m just wondering if he tosses it to the crowd or not XDDDD

  15. Or the poor camera guy… XDD

  16. In response to Ann:

    It was seriously awesome at London wasn’t it? I think I went deaf when he ripped his shirt off from all the screaming, myself included ofc! 😀 I didn’t realise that he sang his new single tho. At beginning I did have a little trouble hearing lol. I’m really excited he’s released a new single. Love it in the clip where he licks his finger lol 😉

  17. Who are the other musicians in the PV (except of You and Niya)? Does anyone know this? x_x
    (and sorry for my english….)

    • Aiko: Your English is fine n.n
      I believe it’s Tsukasa from D’espairsRay on drums and Shuun from Duel Jewel on guitar. Someone said it was the same line-up from Setsugekka =]

  18. Okay, thank you :3

    • Aiko: Welcome 8D

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