Posted by: Jo | July 16, 2010

Site Update 2010.07.16

Wow haven’t done one of these in about… 3 months or so? xD;

* In honor of the first official lives in Europe (and overseas for that matter), the site banner has been changed to reflect YFC fever~

* I’m sorry I keep saying I’ll fix pages and then I don’t *headdesks*
Life gets in the way a lot, especially for an art student who’s usually absorbed in her piles of college work T^T….
Ah, but this isn’t a time to complain! I promise to get these pages updated A.S.A.P. I’m a perfectionist, so it’s going to take a little longer than usual to get things fixed (hey, I learned from the best xP; ). Please bare with my slow progress m(_ _)m

* After I’ve updated the pages, I’m going to insert banners for each respective page, so it’ll look prettier around here~

* I’m thinking of starting a new section on this site – Discussions. Or we can call it something more GACKT-related/exciting, whatever. The point of these posts would be to discuss… well, GACKT and things related to him. I figure this is one way to get more Dears active on this site and since I know that there are regular commenters on here, it’s a little place where you can chat amongst each other. I’m still thinking about how I’m going to implement a chat box around here, but maybe this will do until then. Oh, and the topic of discussion can be suggested by anyone. I’ll probably start the first couple of topics but if there’s something you’d like to talk about, feel free to suggest it =] Anyway, I want all of your opinions on this so we’re going with the form of a poll (yaaay~!). If you like this idea, please vote for what day you would like to see these posts published:

* As always, feel free to leave any suggestions, compliments, complaints, or cookies in the comments. Or any manner of food will do, I’m not picky 8D;



  1. Loving the new banner!!!

    So excited for Gackt today, but I’m turning up late compared to alot of people, aiming to get between 4 & 4:30… I’ll will squeeze my way to front of the concert! 😀

    • un[Beautiful]: Thanks, I’m really glad it’s getting compliments 8D
      Oooh, good luck and do have tons of fun m’kay? ❤

  2. That’s an awesome banner! I love it! When I first read that you changed it, I was like “NOOOOOO!!!” Cuz G is so pretty with his make up and his koto, but when I actually saw the new banner, I was really impressed, so good job! XD

    Are you going to any of his YFC concerts? I am so excited for my Zepp Sendai concert!!!

    • SkyeMyst: Thank you, I’m glad you like it~!
      Haha I know, it’s always hard to follow up a banner that’s like WOW *___*

      Sadly no, my next college quarter started this week D: But I’m there in spirit 8D;;
      Have fun in Sendai!!

  3. when I checked in just now I was like “OHH!!!! YFC!!” sweet looks jo!!

    • Min: Haha thanks!

  4. An appropriate banner, Jo! Good job. I voted for the weekend with the thought that you might have some time to relax and not worry about classses. But, any day that is easiest for you is fine.

    • Margaret: Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy it n.n
      Oh that’s sweet of you~ Well, depending on the results we shall see…

  5. *Gasp* I love the banner! 😀 And I think a discussion section would be great, I just chose a random day though ’cause it doesn’t matter to me when you publish it. ^_^

    • Victoria: Yaaay~!
      Oh lol sweet

  6. Site looks wonderful! I totally have YFC fever so this is great to look at! Nice!

    • Alisa: Haha I’m glad you like it!

  7. Chirolyn spat in my eye!!!! >_>

    The concert was amazing though!! He said he’d come back 😀 lol

    • un[Beautiful]: Omg you got Chirolyn’s spit yaaay…? XDDD;
      So I’ve heard~ His English was cute ne? You guys got to hear much more than I did in Saitama last year *___*…

  8. Jo-sama, the very existence of your site is such a joy to me and am sure to others as well. Your efforts are highly appreciated. Keep up the good work.

    • Teya: Oh Teya, you’re much too kind – thank you v//v

  9. Hello,

    I love your new banner. Wish I was as good as you !!!!!

    Thank you also for your hard work.

    • Emilie: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Oh thank you! Honestly I don’t think it’s that great, but I’m also too picky xD;
      You’re welcome :3

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