Posted by: Jo | July 17, 2010

Featured: Shine Despite!

Woooow I fail at Featured posts but hey – there’s a lot to sift through!
I’ll try to do these a bit more often m(_ _)m
Anyway, this week’s Featured post is about a newly made fan site – Shine Despite!

It’s comes as no surprise that GACKT’s way of life and way of thinking have had a significant impact on his Dears. From the hilarious to the heartfelt, every fan has a story to tell, and each one is as colorful and diverse as the man’s entire music catalog.
Created by my dear close friend Kassandra <3, the purpose of this fan site is to help spread and show GACKT's influence around the world by sharing your stories. How did you come across GACKT? What does GACKT mean to you? How has he changed your life for the better?

Along with sharing your personal stories, you can also read the experiences of other Dears, which could also help in writing your own experience (I know it’s hard wording things just the right way ^^; ). Even a non-fan won’t be able to deny his influence or inspiration upon thousands of people around the world – how he means so much to so many.

The more people who contribute, the more we can show the world how wonderful a human being GACKT truly is. So spread the love, and get to contributing Dears!
Shine Despite



  1. Ah, that’s so awesome…maybe I’ll write something for her site! ^_^ I was thinking (still am) about creating my own GACKT website, maybe I could make a GACKT/Job graphic site since I’ll be going to school for web and graphic design soon. 🙂

    • Victoria: You should! I’m taking so long with mine, the words won’t come out right XD;
      Oooh I think you should, it would be great practice for you ne? ❤

  2. I’d kinda like it to be like this site, like post news and such…I’m just VERY bad at wording things, so I dunno how that part would go. xD But I could definitely make G graphics, and people could even submit their own if they wanted. 🙂 Hmm…decisions, decisions.

    • Victoria: Ah xD
      Well whatever you decide, good luck with it ne? Just know that if it’s a news site like this one, it’s gonna be a lot of hard work x3;;; I have days where I don’t want to post anything or comment back to people because I’m tired of being on here all the time lmao

  3. Lol yeahh I know, I ran a fansite once before…until it got hacked (it was a MySpace site) and it was hard work. 😛 But I kinda figure, if you love the singer/band enough, then the work is worth it. ^_^;;

    • Victoria: Oh that sucks D: But good you have experience XD;
      Yes, it’s worth it in the end.. just a bit of a pain when you’re having those really busy days and you feel obligated to post something because you don’t want to get behind on news and it’s usually always something that’s “OMG MUST POST NAO!” kind of thing hahaha~

  4. Yeahh haha I miss that old fansite I had, but then again I don’t ’cause it was on MySpace. xD But I’d be willing to try again I guess. I know what you mean about updating though, some days I hated when there was new stuff to be posted because I felt lazy and was like “why does there have to be news today?!” haha, but I figured if this is the career I’m pursuing…I should probably get use to it. 😛

    But I did wanna ask you… whenever you do update this site, where do you actually get the GACKT news from? Like, is it all from I mean, the last fansite I ran was about an American band, so updates were relatively easy to find since it was all in English. XDD

    • Victoria: xD Ah yes, the fad for MySpace has dwindled greatly lol
      Hahaha yes, I mean did you see last week?! Holy freaking A @_____@;;;;
      Lol as long as you love it in the end, it’s all good

      Erm sometimes it’s from or the MS Blog but the majority is from LJ and all the links that I placed under Sources. Basically when I log into LJ, I skim over my f-list for all the G-related things and post them accordingly. If I’m too busy or I have somewhere to go, I post the links in a little draft-post that I can go back to later.
      Btw I’m curious now… what band was this fansite for 8DDDDD?

  5. Haha I’m kinda glad that fad died out though, doing a fansite on MySpace is VERY frusterating because MS was not coding friendly at all. I know~ there was like news everyday last week!! o__o;; That’s a lot to post.

    I see, well maybe I can just look on the Dears community and other LJs then for G-related news. Do you think I’ll have to ask the people of that LJ though if I can use the news they have up? I mean, I don’t want anyone mad at me for posting something they found. xD

    And my old fansite I ran with my friend was for the Jonas Brothers (We called it PennStateJonas haha). xD It’s funny now that I think about it though because my genres of music vary in extreme ways. I mean, GACKT is mostly rock while JB is…bubblegum pop, and yet I love both lol. ^_^

    • Victoria: Oh I know, it got soo annoying x___x
      Yeah, which is why I’m holding off a bit until tomorrow xD; It’s not much anyway, so it’ll be okay.

      You can use the sources I do for starters, though believe me there is a lot more out there. It’s amazing how fast everyone puts stuff up @.@;
      Ummm for the most part I think so. Each person or community varies on their rules or policies regarding sharing information, so you’d probably have to ask around the first couple of times n.n;

      Oooh I see xD
      Well I get that difference in music tastes. I mean before I loved Gackt, I was all into *NSYNC and especially Justin xD And after my fangirlism died for him, I moved into the hip-hop/rap scene until I moved into rock and then found G, and now we’re full circle lol.

  6. Hahah holding out on me on G news, huh? Fine, I see how is it is! Lol just kidding just kidding. 😀 ❤

    Anyway, once I start this fansite (I need to think of a name o.o – any suggestions?) I'll start asking different people if I can use their posts and whatnot. 🙂 Haha I'm excited to start now. xD

    I still like other music (like Justin T. haha ;D) but G has the #1 spot at the moment. Someone has to match this man's power to even dream about coming close to #1 in my book. xD

    • Victoria: Hahaha well you leave them wanting more ne xp?

      Oh, you do not want to ask me for name suggestions, I suck at them XD; it took me forever to come up with the idea of a name for this site lol
      Good luck with it ne x3?

      Can anyone even come close? Honestly, it’s a pretty high level they have to reach ;P

  7. Haha true, I guess that’s one reason not to post for a few days. xD

    That’s ok, I’m sure I’ll come up with a name. Maybe I’ll make up a few, then have people on the Dears comm. vote for their favorite name. 🙂

    Probably not, someone would have to do some pretty insane stuff and sing amazingly to climb that ladder. 😛

    • Victoria: Sounds like a good plan =D
      Lol yeah… can anyone top YFC and etc? I don’t think so xp

  8. Is this site still running? I have sent in my comments but have not received a reply – or is it me doing something wrong as usual. I am a bit of a learner with this technology stuff lol

    • shazzer: I’m quite sure you did nothing wrong lol. The site is still up and running, don’t fret! I’m quite sure the moderator is just busy, but I can ask her to look into it =]

  9. Thanks.

    • Shazzer: Welcome!

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