Posted by: Jo | July 18, 2010

GACKT – YFC in London 2010.07.16

No, these aren’t fan vids from the actual concert – these are taken when the band entered the venue.
First vid: Jun-ji, Chirolyn, and GACKT (sorry for the shaking n___n; )
Second: All of Job (Chacha’s a little harder to spot but he enters the same time as Jun-ji)
 And the last vid is just GACKT walking into the venue.

Jun-ji, Chirolyn, and GACKT:




  1. I remember the two screams around the time they came in…my sis went to a shop, and i so wanted to run and see..but i didn’t want to lose my place >_> *sigh*

    • sureyya: D: I’m sorry you could see them enter.
      Well, at least you saw them at all ne xD;?

  2. Haha awesome videos thats for uploading 😀

    • Puffy: No problem~

  3. i remember this i was with my friends at the back jumping up, you can see us in the last video 😛

    • Beth: Hahaha awesome~!

  4. That day feels like it was ages ago lol. It was amazing. He was breathtaking. I couldn’t sleep at my hotel after cos I was so excited and hyper 😉

    • Nicola: Haha I bet~
      He just has a way of reviving you, you know? Something just clicks once you see him, and when it’s all said and done you have energy for so many days 8D

  5. I totally know what you mean lol. I think my poor mum’s ears were bleeding when I got off the phone to her that night. I coudn’t shut up.

    *sighs dreamily* Seriously, pictures do not do him justice. And he sounds amazing live. Love your site btw, it’s nice to have a chat about Gackt with other fans; none of my friends have heard of him 😛 What is wrong with them? lol

    • Nicola: Aww cute~ xD

      They really don’t ❤
      Aw thanks, I'm glad you like it n.n LOL I ask that about most of my friends as well xD

  6. I love the little hat pop thing he did in the last vid ❤ very charming 😀

    • jess: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Haha isn’t it? Cute~

  7. It’s nice to actually see him arriving XD; There was such a mad rush I didn’t get to see anything except Chirolyn’s hair XP

    • sakurasaurus: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Hahaha I bet~!

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