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Discussions: Favorite Song

Well the results of the poll are in and guess what? There’s actually more lurkers out there xD;
But despite the fact that more people enjoy looking around than actually commenting, I think it’s still nice to provide those who do often comment a little place to chat and stuff. Friday was the day most requested, so I bring you the first Discussion post (yaaay~!).
As a general rule, please be respectful of everyone’s opinions.

I’ll start off the topics for now, but everyone is free to suggest topics for later use =]

What is your favorite GACKT song and why?

I’m a big cheater LOL. The truth is that I don’t have a favorite song. Admittedly I used to be completely infatuated with Last Song but as I found myself falling deeper into the fandom, it shifted to one thing and then another and it’s been like that for a while now. I think I have favorite songs in moments. Usually when I listen to GACKT there will be a certain song that pulls at my heart strings and I find myself lost in the beauty of the music he created and my own interpretation of the song comes up in vivid images, colors, stories, etc. And as an artist, I use these images as a form of creation and expression – his music supplies me with a never-ending pool of inspiration… it’s a strange cycle, but no less enjoyable.

I’m going off on a tangent here XD; Anyway, my current favorite is Birdcage. I love how softly the music begins at first and then suddenly hits a climax, and everything spirals downward from there – powerfully and beautifully composed. I especially enjoy the Jougen no Tsuki performance of that song :3



  1. I have many favorites in moments too, I can’t just pick one haha. IF I had to though, I’d probably say…

    Ghost: Because I love the fact that there’s so much English in it and I can actually sing along to most of it, and I like how it has a techno feel to it…something different. 😛


    Meguri Ai: Again, I love singing the English parts, and I like how it starts off slow then picks up speed later on. Plus, I think It’s a very pretty song too. 🙂

    • Victoria: … There’s like, 3 sentences that are English. LOL but I get what you mean XD;

      Aaah Meguriai is so lovely~~~
      Have you heard the original version before? If you listen to that and compare it with Gackt’s rendition, you just go @O@;…..

  2. at the moment my favourite GACKT song is a Flower, it was my favourite performance at the yfc tour and i have loved the song since it’s release 🙂 but i agree with Victoria and Jo, i also have favourite songs in moments GACKT has too many amazing songs to pick a certain favourite 😛

    • Beth: Haha so true~
      I love Flower, it’s so inspirational ne?! ❤

  3. “I think I have favorite songs in moments. Usually when I listen to GACKT there will be a certain song that pulls at my heart strings and I find myself lost in the beauty of the music he created and my own interpretation of the song comes up in vivid images, colors, stories, etc.” – Jo-sama

    This sums up my feelings for G’s songs. My first song of him was Vanilla, it left a mark so I told myself that I will be researching on other songs by this guy named Gackt when I get to have the time. Mizerable and Fragrance popped up during my search. Mizerable has a certain “new wave” quality (i grew up with this kind of music), so I immediately loved it. I just have to mention that the violin part was totally cool. When I heard Fragrance, I felt being seduced by the music though I don’t know the meaning of the song. For quite some time, I was listening to every G song I could find. Eventually, there will be several that would really get your attention. Leeca was one, I dunno, but the song just soothes me. Kimi Ga Matte Iru Kara is also amazing. Both the original and unplugged. Only G could render the same song in such different ways and still come out great.

    I guess I’ll have to stop now before I fill the whole space with my G ramblings. My current favorite is Seven and Freesia. I’ve stopped analyzing why. Perhaps it’s G’s awesome voice, or the musical arrangement, or his lyrics once you get to read translations to his songs. Sorry, I just can’t put one. 🙂

    • Teya: Haha that’s okay, the songs really say more than we ever could ne?
      Seven I adore, and Freesia… do you prefer Op.1 to 2 or is it just the two as a whole?

  4. I’m the same. :3
    It’s been about 10 years since I started listening/loving GACKT, and along the way it’s jumped from one to another, usually as they come out. Though there are a few that always hold true~

    dears: ❤ the -very- first song I ever heard. thinking back, it must have been not too long after MARS came out (I had only been able to get it off of napster back when it was free > < ;;;, *desperate*guilty* ).

    Secret Garden: Honestly, I couldn't break the reason down for this one. I just love how it moves.

    then, Fragrance: The base line and beautiful melody make it irresistible~~ xD

    but most of all Story.
    when I got my hands on a copy of MARS I was so happy. The Mizerable version was weird and kind of out of place, but I listened to that thing so much it was ridiculous.~~ Story just swept me away, heart and mind. Such beauty and power~
    Only later did I realize that I had bought a fake copy~! At the time it was very difficult to get real japanese stuff, and where as I thought I had succeeded I was wrong D: (sorry gackt ><''' I'm guessing the mizerable mix on there was one of the ones that Kiss Mark made and ultimately pissed off Gackt, which after he left for Dears ? I think that's how it went) so I got my hands on a legit copy..
    Story wasn't there? nooooo~~~ soooo I eventually got, I think it was the single that has it on it, and Lo-and-behold, Story actually had LYRICS~! I had no idea. I thought it was just a gorgeous music track. My love and passion only increased ^^

    • furesiya: Wow you’ve been with Gackt since the beginning then ne?! That’s so cool ❤
      Oh gosh, Dears is perhaps the song I can most identify with. Personally I prefer the LLV better than the original xp;

      Oh wow that does suck D:
      I don't know about those problems… I thought Kiss Mark became Dears – was it actually his label o-o;;? But at least you got the real version later, whew~
      Aww but that's a great story! I should listen to Story again, I haven't in a while n.n;

      Oh I edited your post so it was included. TAKE THAT WORDPRESS >D

  5. Hmmm let’s see I have quite a few songs I adore, one of them being Redemption as it was the first song by him I ever heard and a recent love of Setsugekka.

    But my stand out favourite and will probably allways will be is Sakai Story, such a beautiful song often makes me a little teary eyed lol. It’s also special to me because it inspired me to start learning violin (among other songs by Gackt), I do hope to be atleast half as good as You at some point 😀

    • un[Beautiful]: Oooh how lovely~! I do wish you the best of luck with becoming as great as You-san =D!!

  6. Yeah I have favourites one moment and changes the next. Right now it’s Ever, of course. I read the translation of the lyrics, they are so powerful! So inspiring and uplifting. I love Gackts song that help me stay strong. So another favourite of mine is Dears.

    • unofficialdear: I adore EVER’s lyrics as well, truly uplifting.
      And yes, Dears is a great one to add to that list~

  7. His songs are really so varied that my perception of what ‘kind’ of songs from him I like best always change – I’m usually addicted to one album at a time, depending on my mood >..< Close seconds are Secret Garden and especially Birdcage, for generally the same reason.

    My favorite song is Seki-Rei, lol. To sum up what I said, the lyrics, and the fact that the music so perfectly parallels those lyrics, make the song pure genius. The song, I feel, challenges the earth itself – it feels like it tries to extend beyond it and into the heavens, which fits nicely into its message (which I really love), about healing gradually coming from pain. His voice, the build-up… everything. I can’t even really describe the feeling I get, which tells me that it really is my favorite song =) And it reminds me how damn special this guy is.

    • janga201: That’s basically everyone’s dilemna lol. It’s because he’s so versatile ne? You can’t categorize him or hold him down, it’s so awesome~

      Oh Seki-Rei… I think you described it perfectly really, thank you lol.
      Have you seen the live performance of it from 6D7N? That performance just gives you chills and renders me speechless, it’s breath-taking ❤

  8. My favourite Gackt song shifts depending on my mood ^^! I guess at the moment it’s Lu:na (an no not because of YFC) xD It’s always been up there on the ‘songs i’ll never get tired of’ list. And then there’s Fragrance which stopped my heart the first time I ever heard it. It’s so soothing and I listen to it every night before I sleep. It’s one of the reasons I get any sleep o_O!

    • Jassy: LOL Lu:Na was awesome before YFC – that performance just made it more awesome xp;
      Aaaah Fragrance is.. yeah, I know the feeling x]

  9. 絵夢 (emu)~For My Dear~ has been my favorite song for the past five years, and i still love it more with every listen. the dream like quality of the intro and ending (plus a little of the middle), the dramatic pauses and buildup of tension leading to the chorus, the cries of "忘れないから" near the end... the song's just gorgeous. ren's strong bassline doesn't hurt, either. 

    i also love 雪月花 -The end of silence- for its amazing composition and beautiful lyrics, and the acoustic (unplugged) version of dears 

    • rairakku: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Ah, emu really is something beautiful and you described it so well~

      I really adore Setsugekka and the acoustic version of Dears as well, they’re beautiful ❤

  10. you mean I can only pick one?! oh, all right…

    Dybbuk it would have to be cuz it’s different and emo, a great song to listen to and sing/scream along with when I’m angry, depressed, or just in the mood for some hageshii (intense) rock. The name, “possession by the devil,” totally fits GACKT’s image and he has this crazy insane look in his eyes whenever he sings it, like he’s actually possessed. It’s an awesome concert opening song to get the audiences all fired up, and he must like it too cuz he keeps performing it. It’s the first song that I’ve ever heard him perform live (12.24.2005 Tokyo Dome). And though I know that it was for Gundam, the man coupled it with Love Letter for a single! If nothing else, that deserves insanity points! LOL.

    • SkyeMyst: Sorry xD;

      I think Dybbuk is a spirit or demon rather than a devil, but I really like that interpretation of it xDD But I agree, it’s definitely one of his more hard rock songs and I love headbanging to it ❤
      Was it made for Gundam? I didn't know that lol

  11. For the longest time, my favorite was “Last Song” as well, but I agree with it changing over time. At the moment, my favorite song is Ai Senshi ❤ It's heavy and delicate sounding at the same time 🙂 Also, when I'm in the mood to rock-out it a good head-banging song ahaha~

    • jess: Ooo Ai Senshi is so cool~
      Gotta love his English too ne ;D?

  12. I’ve only just discovered GACKT (within the last two/three weeks), and I have not yet had the chance to hear the majority of his music. But “Returner~Yami no Shuuen~” was the first song I heard from him. The minute I heard those flutes playing over the guitar, I was hooked. This song haunts me! So, for the moment, “Returner” rules.

    • KT: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Ah what a great song to first hear from Gackt~~

      An exrta welcome from me into the Gackt fandom!
      If you have any questions at all or need some reccommendations, please don’t hesitate to ask n.n

  13. Hahaha, it’s okay, I’m just used to filling out crazy memes with questions like “What G song would you listen to if you were stranded on a deserted highway with nothing but your mp3 player as your companion?” (I just made that up right now, but those types of questions =P)

    Oh no, Dybbuk was first released in his Crescent album, so it wasn’t created for Gundam, but in 2006 it (and Love Letter) was used as the ending thee song for a gundam movie, so he re-released Love Letter, c/w Dybbuk, as a single. Definitely a most bizarre combination.

    Not his song, but I absolutely LOVE how he sings T-Bolan’s “hanashitaku wa nai”

    …though him dressed up like SMAP, singing and dancing to Shake was pretty epic too (for a whole different reason)! XD

    totally off topic, but is it just me or does he have a lot of numbers in his stuff? 4th, Seven, Nine Spiral, 12gatsu no love song, sixth day, seventh night, eleventh day….

    • SkyeMyst: LOL that is exactly what they sound like though xD

      Oh good, I thought I missed out on some important information there or something, I was like “WHA?!” XD; But yes that was an.. interesting combo, to say the least. Well, if you release a slow A-side the B-side has to pump it up right? xD;

      Ah, I still have yet to listen to that performance x___x;
      Did you actually get to see that o.o?!

      … No, you’re right. Wierd. xp

  14. Hahaha well, those are three very fun lines to sing.

    Noo, I didn’t hear the original version of Meguri Ai. Does GACKT sing it, or someone else?

    • Victoria: It’s a song originally sung (probably also composed by) Daisuke Inoue and was used in the Mobile Suit Gundam series XD
      Here’s the original:

      So yeah, compare that to G’s, and it’s like.. wow.
      Granted the musical styles would be different anyway, considering the time periods (one in the 80s, the other one in the 2000s)

  15. He has never done a song that I DIDN’T like, but my absolute favorite is Mizerable. It could possibly be because of the nostalgia, being his first song post-Malice Mizer, or just the fact that the song is poignant and spectacular on its own.

    • Alisa: Hahaha true~
      Mizerable is always a fond one to listen to ne? Great song =]

  16. Jo-sama: I love both Op 1 and 2. The music just flows. In all my years, I have never been this fascinated and proud of a musician. G creates music and it’s amazing how he can come up with upbeat tunes one moment and soothing ballads the next and of course a lot of experimental tunes in between that would really just cling to you or haunt you. Misty is so different from Secret Garden, Redemption, Marmalade, Dybbuk or Tsuki no Uta. Except for G’s distinct voice, these songs are totally different from each other. When it comes to music, he is a genius. 🙂

    • Teya: I couldn’t agree more~!

  17. I have too many to choose!!! hmm… for now, I will say dispar…

    • Yikiwa: You know, I never knew how dirty Dispar was until I read the lyrics… oh my xD

  18. @Jo:
    thanks >xD I’m not sure how that happend~~

    I think…? I just remember him being reeeeeally upset because the label took songs of his and made remixes without his consent/knowledge, and it wasn’t ‘Gackt’, something he couldn’t stand by (and listening to that one mix I understand why D: ). I think they mention it in the beginning of the MARS live.?
    maybe it did just become Dears..- with all new staff-~ XD

    Yup~! I think back and can’t believe it’s been so long. I remember how I found out about him. I was just getting into other anime (besides Sailor Moon xD ) and was looking at a site that had ‘Real life anime look alikes’ and for Setsuna Mudo was Gackt (young, blond gackt xDDD ) I was like O_O*looooooove** wait he does music??? *frantic search** *twas only 14 *reminisce*

    • furesiya: Oh wow, that sucks D: But it’s good to know Gackt was firm in his music and career even back then, go G ^O^!!!
      Oh wow, that sounds so amazing *____*…. congrats on being with him throughout all the years 8D

  19. Jo:

    yessss I have ❤ It's moments like those, especially at the end of the song, where its vibe feels so direct… I totally agree with you on that one.

    And then he follows it up with the best performance of Mizerable like, ever… lol, almost too much. That performance specifically made me like the song so much more.

    I could go on and on about that concert, despite it being during the time where his voice was obviously 'transitioning,' it doesn't matter. Genius. The whole thing is like O.O wow, the whole time! /end rant.

    • janga201: Oh I know, I thought that performance took that song far and beyond~!
      Haha yes, yes it is xD

  20. Oblivious and Love Letter. And Dybbuk and Justified. And, aw, what the heck, all of them, depends on my mood.

    • Mikaela: Lol nice choice(s) 8D

  21. My very first Gackt song was Vanilla and that was about 3 or 4 years ago. At the time I had not one clue what the lyrics meant and I would listen to it allll the time. When I found out I actually was quite embrassed ^_^;;

    My favorite song for the longest time was Story because I think it touched me with its depth as it actually told a story of lost love. Then it was Sayonara for a similar reason. Right now I love the Unplugged Version of Kono daremo inai heya de. Along with that I also love Settsugekka and of course I always listen to Kimi no tame ni Dekiru Koto to which I sing to often. Bu the PVs for Saikai Story along with Kimi ga oikaketa yume that made me reaaaly fall for Gackt!

    • Gakuzutto94: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Ahahaha, it happens to all of us I’m sure n.n;;
      Wow, so for you it was mostly his love ballads that caught your interest ne? Usually a majority of the fans (from what I’ve seen) have been brought into the fandom through some of his more well-known, rock songs but not with you. I find that so cool 8D~!!
      All great songs that you listed~~

  22. Now everyone has got me listening again to the songs they mentioned, and giving these songs more attention than I used to. 🙂

    • Teya: Yaaaay, that’s also part of the intention of this post 8D

  23. Hmm… My fave originally was Redemption as it was of the first ones I listened to. God bless Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus (Yay, Genesis ^.^) lol otherwise I probably wouldn’t of heard of him. I’m a fairly new Gackt fan (I don’t love him any less tho ^.^) I love some of his older songs, esp from the Crescent album, such as Stardust and White Eyes. Oh and Orenji no Taiyou from Moon Child; I love that! And Etude. My Father’s Day. Lol, I could go on XD

    Though out of all his songs, the one that really touches me is Last Song, esp when he sings it live. So much emotion. So probably Last Song is my fave. But there are others that are close behind 🙂

    • Nicola: Oh yes, thank god for FF w<

  24. I’ve been listening to Gackt for a few years now and I adore each piece of work but I have to say, Rain never fails to capture me when I listen to it. It’s so emotional.

    • Lucy: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Oooh Rain… that song is utter bliss ❤

  25. 鶺鴒〜seki-ray〜 because the piano melody haunts me. the music video gives me shivers. and the lives make me weep like a baby.

    its raw.

    full of emotion

    and poetic as hell.

    Even though I love it, it’s followed closely by Leeca and Emu for my dear. They’re songs that bring me pained joy.

    • ActingAReaction: Mmmm agreed~
      Gosh I just realized how tough this question might be to some – all his songs are amazing!

  26. This was a great idea for discussion. Admittedly there are some songs I’ve listened to more than others. It’s nice to hear other people’s opinions on his songs. I’ve found myself listnening more to other songs that I’ve haven’t listened to as much and thinking ‘why isn’t this playing on my iPod more?’ lol.

    I’m quite in love with Kimi Ga Matteiru Kara at the moment ^.^

    • Nicola: Yaay then these are a complete success 8D~!
      Ooh, unplugged or regular version?

  27. Hmm.. that’s a hard one lol. I like both versions, but possibly unplugged. I love his unplugged songs, as his voice is like… *melts* That’s why I love Last Song unplugged so much.

    • Nicola: Mhmm, they really emphasize his voice @___@…

  28. Oh! I forgot to mention I like Doomsday. It reminds me of that beauty clinic advert he did where he’s NAKED. Seriously does anyone else think the way he kisses that foot is sexy or is it just me? XD

    • Nicola: LOL oh young, blonde, naked G.. XD
      Err I haven’t seen it in a while, so I can’t say x3;;;

  29. I was introduced to G’s music with the song Returner. And, had I not decided to watch Fuurin Kazan in 2007, I never would have been introduced to Gackt (one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. Haha!).

    As far as music is concerned, I’m more into his medium to heavier tunes since my favorite form of music is heavy metal. I have many favorites, but always on top will be Redemption, Longing, and Lust for Blood. I am not big on very slow songs, but even there I do have a favorite (haha): Love Letter.

    Since I love the song Meguri Ai, I decided to take a listen to the original version you posted– big difference!! I don’t know HOW Gackt did it, but he sure knows how to improve upon a song. I’m very impressed. I do wish Meguri Ai was his own song and not someone else’s. Darn!

    • Margaret: Ooh so you were able to watch all of his samurai glory ne *____*?
      Very cool~ Dybbuk and White Eyes are also pretty heavy ne? I love headbanging to those in my car (well, not too much or I can’t see the road.. xD)

      Haha very much so! I mean yeah, one was done in the 80s so Gackt’s feels more “current” I suppose, but I just can’t get into it unless it’s Gackt’s version lol.
      Oh I wish too @___@

  30. @Jo: thanks for the welcome!

    *looking over other comments*

    The Gackt fandom has really expanded in the past few years – I followed him closely from 2004 to 2007, but never found communities like this until recently (when I started to listen to his music again xD)

    • rairakku: Oh well just in luck for you ne? xD;
      It really has, I’m surprised at times *___*

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