Posted by: Jo | July 23, 2010

GACKT – Kenshin Festival + YFC News

As you may or may not remember, GACKT will be participating in the Kenshin Festival in Jousei, which will be his third appearance as the warlord Uesugi Kenshin in the festival. A poster will go on sale starting on August 22 (a more full-version can be seen on the 2nd link).

In YFC news, the live on August 29 will have the theme of “bathing suits” Much like the Camui Gakuen lives last year where everyone had to wear a school uniform, this time everyone has to wear… bathing suits (don’t ask). As a safety precaution, males and females will be separated during the live x3;;

Thanks to xrytalmad and dyan25 for the ino and pics!
Kenshin Poster + YFC Swimsuits
Kenshin Poster (Large Version)


  1. OMFG!!! I dun wear anything like tt… Does all gals in Jap wears tt??? He’s really trying to push his fans over the edge…. wat’s on his mind man… haha

    • Yikiwa: I wouldn’t either, it’s just a strange concept xD;;;
      But the funny thing is that people will show up in bathing suits regardless LOL. I dunno what goes on in his mind.. I’m starting to think he doesn’t either xD

  2. Wow, very um…skimpy. xD

    • Victoria: But… it’s cute ne? XD


    • mjspice: A little afraid if it turns out to be a speedo… juss sayin’. XD

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