Posted by: Jo | July 23, 2010

GACKT Blog 2010.07.23 Pt.2

GACKT blogs about arriving in Germany, his unexpected condition during the live in Munich, and a little of his thoughts for the live in Bochum. He’s doing much better now guys, but I’m quite sure we all agree that he could use some more rest….
GACKT Blog 2010.07.23 Pt.2

Thanks to amaiakuyume and ashura_oh for translating!
amaiakuyume: Blog Translation
ashura_oh: Blog Translation

*Note: You must have an LJ account and comment on ashura-oh’s journal or pm her that you came to her site through this one and that you would like to read her translations. If you’ve done so already, you should be able to view this with no problems =]



  1. Omg poor G…he’s gonna make me cry. T.T I feel like emailing him and yelling at him to take it easy. Does he know how devastated us Dears would be if something even MORE serious happened to him? :/

    • Victoria: I don’t know… all I can do is just sigh and… ugh.
      Let’s pray he gets much needed rest ❤

  2. Hey Jo 🙂 haven’t replied you since last time….it’s my last semester at school…..with only 2 weeks left and then finals….

    I’ve been soooooo packed with school stuff + work….so I basically only get to glance at everyone’s LJ and what not to see what G is doing!! But I am nonetheless soooo excited for him during this Europe times!!

    Thanks for keeping up with the posts though ❤ G is sooo funny….he's been blogging a lot a lot lately and keeping everyone sooo busy!! But we all luvvv him~~

    • Lucy: Hey Lucy! Good luck with your classes ne?

      Oooh yeah that’s basically what I’ve been doing as well lol.
      You’re welcome! And yes, that man is blogging way too much now. I’ll never complain again that he doesn’t blog enough XD

  3. *Sigh* I guess you’re right…that’s all we can really do. You just can’t help but go crazy with worry though. ._.;; ❤

  4. *sigh* Take some rest GACKT……:(

  5. I hate him for worrying us so much 😦

  6. from part 1, talking about a naked Spaniard, to talking about his bleeding throat in this one.

    It’s hard to keep up >.< You think about how much he takes care of himself… but what he does to take care of himself is very selective, it seems.

    • janga201: LOL yes, his topics are so varied this time around xp;
      Yeah, I don’t really get it at times =\ But that’s just how Gackt is so… yeah

  7. I don’t know how he’s still going…! Does anyone know if the live on NicoNico can be downloaded from somewhere? As I don’t have German tv! Thanks a lot 😉

    • Puffy: He’s amazing really…
      Erm I know that Tenshin is in the process of uploading it to YT, so look forward to that~

      Yes it’s a website xD;
      You had to pay in order to view it along with other fans, it’s a bit complicated x__x;

  8. OK so I just found out NicoNico is a Japanese website LOL! My bad the website is here although it all looks very complicated @_@

  9. Bless him. I’m not surprised he’s exhausted the way he jumps about. Just goes to show he really does put everything in to performing live. I hope he feels better soon.

  10. Yeah, G is not 20 any more, so he does need to take it easy a bit, but you can’t blame him for continuing at a hectic pace. You know, fans tell him to ease off a bit and take care of himself, but at the same time his fans also want him to tour their countries, tour all fifty states (America), and so on. HOW can he take a break when he’s wanted so much? He’s in a tight spot in my opinion. But, he still could use a good slap in the face (ouch!), no?

    • Margaret: I do think he should take it a bit easy from time to time, but I don’t think I’d want him to rest completely. This isn’t for selfish reasons or anything, but just because I know that Gackt wouldn’t be himself if he wasn’t working so hard. He’s too stubborn anyways, and I really wouldn’t have it any other way – that’s just the way he is. And as painful or worrysome as it is to hear him in situations like these, I want to support him through it all the way. Because he’s pushing himself for us, the least I feel I can do as a fan is to trust and believe in him as well as send him all of my kiai ❤

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