Posted by: Jo | July 23, 2010


Things are definitely moving in the right direction minna-san; a trailer for BUNRAKU was premiered during “All the Boys loved Mandy Lane”, a horror movie that was being shown at Comic-Con yesterday (curse school for making me unable to go T^T) and the reception has been unanimously great!

Thanks to the bunraku_blog for the info!
BUNRAKU trailer a success!



  1. Well all I can say is… HOLY FREAKING CRAP, FINALLYYYY!!!! :’D

    • Victoria: LOL exactly XD

  2. WOOOOOOO!!!!!! Hell yes!!!! How many years have we been waiting for this?! XD

    • Nikki: Since 2008 so… 2 years, though honestly it feels like WAY LONGER lol

  3. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t wait to see this movie i hope it won’t be long now before there is a trailer and the whole film releases now!!!

    • Beth: Me too me too!
      *crosses fingers*

  4. This made my day =)

    and lol @ one of the quotes: “BUNRAKU is the movie we’ve been quietly making the last two years. And now it’s time to stop being quiet about it.”


    • janga201: LOL that made me smile too~
      And yaay for the Gackt mention 8D


    • mjspice: IKR?

  6. Yeah, i’m totally going to see this movie when it comes out, and I’m not ashamed to say it’s cos Gackt is in it lol. Hope there is a trailer we can see soon 🙂 Anyone seen Moon Child? I thought he was really good in that. Okay, I’m slightly biased cos I love him lol, but it was a good movie and he was awesome in it.

    • Nicola: LOL no worries, I think a majority of us are watching it just for G~
      I’m going a step further – if there’s a premiere in L.A., I’m going to be there to greet Gackt on that red carpet (well, on the sidelines but you know what I mean xp; ). I’m hoping as the date nears I’ll be able to organize some kind of get-together with other Dears… it’s been some wierd fantasy of mine to see this come true .//.;

      I don’t think his acting was the best in it (then again, it was his first gig), but after watching Furin Kazan, Ep.2 of Mr. Brain, and his scene in Kamen Rider as well as the snippets and etc. in RRII, I’m quite convinced he did an amazing job ❤

  7. That would be awesome if there was one and you were able to go. Fingers crossed for you 🙂

    Heh, if there is a premiere, I can imagine the craziness and screaming. I feel a bit sorry for the other actors, they dont stand a chance against our Gackt lol.

    I would love to see him in the flesh again. I remember when I saw him at London it felt so surreal, but amazing at the same time. I felt a little heart broken when I got home as I wanted to go see him again LOL ^.^

    • Nicola: Thanks! And you know, a video would be in store for ya’ll as well (assuming there’s a premiere and I get that close lol)
      Hahah no doubt, the spotlight will shine on G and G alone >8D

      Oooh I know that feeling! Don’t worry, we will see him again I’m sure of it ^__^

  8. finally! ive been waiting for who knows how long! i can finally see it! YES

    • delilah: Welcome to Camui Love!
      And yes, FINALLY *_____*

  9. At least I got to see him, even if it was just once *cries* Never in a million years did I think I’d see him for real. It’s something I will always remember 🙂 And will talk about to my poor mum til I’m like 40 or something LOL

    I really hope that trailer goes to YouTube or something. Would love to see it XD

    • Nicola: You’d better remember for the rest of your life~!!!
      I’m sure it will be uploaded a.s.a.p.~

  10. Oh I am so happy to that it’s finally nearing the time for the movie!! I’ve been waiting so long for this!!! XD At least it feels like forever!!! No words can express the happiness that I am feeling. 😀 I am going to do whatever it takes to see this when it finally opens. ~hehe~ Only reason I want to see it is for Gackt. He is so amazing! Been a fan for quite a few years and when I heard of BUNRAKU I’ve been digging for news. No one around me listens to his music or even the other bands, but I play it loud and inform as many people as I can of what they are missing. ^_^

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