Posted by: Jo | July 23, 2010


Enjoy minna-san ❤
Sadly I won’t be able to watch it right now but I’ll get to fangirling with the rest of you later lol



  1. That was an awesome video~ I love G’s dancing skills, especially at the beginning. It’s not exactly the same, but I wonder if he was trying to copy Beyonce’s hand movement thingy when she goes “if you like then ya shoulda put a ring on it” lol, it looks kinda similar. xD

    • Victoria: Lol I doubt it XD;
      It’s Gackt’s natural dance. Well not so much the shimmy-ing, but the way he moves from side to side is distinctly his own personal way of dancing. And it’s so freaking adorable XD ❤

  2. This is truly awesome, the black dude’s over-pronunciation cracks me up though ;P

    • Puffy: He’s so dramatic XD
      I think that’s one of his bodyguards ne? lolz

  3. so classy~!

  4. Ahahaha!! Love it!!

  5. HAHAHA, someone’s got a crush on GACKT!

    man, I hope I don’t look that stupidly lovestruck when I’m at G’s concerts! …I probably look worse, lol! XD

    • SkyeMyst: Lol everyone loves Gackt ne? xD
      It’s okay if you do… I think we all do. xD

  6. Just as a note, I’m pretty sure the kid in this video is the same one who plays teenage Kyoshiro in the play but I can’t find anything to confirm that. His name in the Kyoshiro pamphlet is 松永輝人 (Akito Matsuei)

    • Amaiakuyume: Huh, it would make a little sense, to give the two some sort of connection. But it could just as very well be a random boy I guess lol


  8. OMG!!! I can’t explain the mixed feeling I have on this video… How do I phrase it??? Initially, I wasn’t very pleasantly surprise by his new style from what I can get from tt 16 sec preview…


    The actual MV itself is freaking awsome!!! The way he moves and even ‘shakes’ prove 100000000% that he is GACKT!!! tt dorkie who is not so ‘normal’ in his dance!!! I just can’t stop loving him!!!

    • Yikiwa: Hahaha I told you once the full song and PV came out you may change your mind XD!
      And yes, no matter what Gackt will always dance awkwardly – but with confidence, which makes him adorable ❤

  9. Well, he’s got a distinctive look to him from being half-Japanese, the more I look at him the more I’m convinced it’s the same kid. There’s just no info anywhere on the internet about him (I guess cause he’s so young and just starting out).

    • Amaiakuyume: Ooh I see. He’s a cute kid~!

  10. Oh, he’s sooooo adorkable . . . I love him. Same dancing as in the live performance. Granted, he’s got a shirt so not much pec-shaking action LOL But this is fantastic. I can’t wait to get my DVD!!! X3

    Lucky kid. I bet we all look at least as starstruck when looking at G in person, or as close as we can get in person haha.

    • Nikki: I loove his true dancing, it’s adorkable indeed ❤
      LOL it's too bad, we need moar pecs! xD

      Mhmm! Add a little drool or nosebleed too xp

  11. I’m also pretty sure the black man is “Gackt’s Secretary” from the lives. Sounds pretty similiar. XD Is he one of G’s bodyguards, too?

    • Nikki: Really?! How interesting xD
      I believe he’s one of G’s bodyguards, but I really don’t know D:

  12. the little boy is actually the guy from nemuri
    and he was so… kawaisou hahaha
    he had to move from behind the crowd to the front but he couldnt make it because everyone was going crazy (like.. really crazy) so he couldnt walk and was stuck somewhere in the middle 🙂

    • himitsu: Welcome to Camui Love 8D
      He’s a cutie~! I can see him being a little Nemuri n.n

  13. What does everyone mean by the black guy’s accent? It sounds American to me… ._.;

    • Victoria: Hmm.. to me it sounds like there’s a slight accent in there. I don’t know what it is (maybe a hint of Japanese in the most round-about way?), but there’s something in there lol

  14. Lol, I love the way Gackt dances ^.^ Awesome video and song. Fave bit it still when he licks his finger hehe 😉

  15. Hahaha yes, and Gackt continues to dance awkwardly, but with such conviction that it becomes So Bad It’s Good instead!

    • SpiritMuse: Guys should learn from Gackt – if you dance like a dork but are confident with it, ladies will love you.
      Or maybe that’s just something that only G can pull off… XD

  16. I’m actually not fond of this new single of his. it’s weird and he looks so weird doing shimming. I have a weird feeling that since after Setsuga/Zan, his songs are going to be weirder

    • Min: Lol well it’s not my favorite either but it grows on you~
      Hmm if he returns to the Moon project maybe not? Of course, who knows how long that will be, what with BUNRAKU and Nemuri around the corner now =x

  17. wow I just realize I used so many weirds. but it really is

  18. Soo…EVER wasn’t released on iTunes. :/ And Jo, what’s the “Moon project”?

    • Victoria: Maybe not yet anyway – from what I noticed of the last singles, they weren’t uploaded until a while after.
      Oh, Moon project = MOON SAGA. DIABOLOS, the Kagen/Jougen tours, and Moon Child make up 3 parts of that story and his next project should be the final part =]

  19. So the last singles were actually released earlier then the iTunes date say? Hmm…I wonder why they do that.

    Oh, I didn’t know all those were like one project. That’s interesting…I’ll have to look up those tours. =)

    • Victoria: Errr what date does iTunes say? Cause they could have changed the day to the CD’s release but just posted it way later or something .___.;;

      Yup! Gackt has only two conceptual story ideas that he’s released – RR and MOON, the latter being the most complex and longest. Umm, check out Eien no Yume for a more in-depth look into it, it’s really helpful *_____*

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