Posted by: Jo | July 24, 2010

GACKT – Nico Nico Broadcast 2010.07.24

Thanks to tenshin26100 for recording and uploading!
It’s not the whole live, but if and when he uploads the rest I’ll be sure to include them ❤

GACKT’s Secretary:




  1. Aww he did awesome for not being well the other day, I’m glad. 🙂 As for his secretary… holy potty mouth. >.>

    • Victoria: Lol I don’t get the major use of slang but w/e, it serves its purpose XD

  2. haha…. I wonder if the secretary’s part is just a recording that he played at the start of every concert… TO state his rules and resulations as well as to test the audience ‘high’ level….

    This is ultimate kool-ness… but…. am I the oni one that cant help but laugh and smile like a idiot throughout the entire song???? I still can’t stand that… Jazz hand??? But still… He did it in such a dork and cute way…. he’s really killing me!!! argh.. such a song… haha….

    • Yikiwa: I think so, unless he made his secretary stand in the back and speak to the audience from some dark corner LOL

      No, I keep laughing at times during EVER too. He’s so adorkable, you can’t help but laugh and smile and just adore him more xD

  3. this brings back memeories of the London live 🙂 but his poor voice is not sounding great, he is sooooooo worn out poor GACKT, he still tried his best and it was amazing, thank you for sharing this 🙂

    • Beth: You’re welcome n.n

  4. These are great but I think he sounded better in London,although after this last week and what he’s been through I’m not surprised.To me the biggest surprise is he managed to do this show at all,Please God now he will rest before starting again to let his body and voice recover!!!

    • ann: He’s tired, but he got through it in the end ❤
      I think he will be resting (well as much as Gackt allows himself to rest =.=; ). From what I can see, his schedule is free up until August 11 when he starts YFC up again.

  5. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Puffy: You’re welcome!

  6. Yikiwa: Yeah, that was the same recording from the Barcelona live. It was hilarious XD Especially since only half the crowd knew what it was saying and just screamed when we were supposed to say “ossu” LOL

    I hope he gets a few days rest before continuing the tour in Japan. Isn’t he supposed to do a circuit through there before the Bathing Suit live?

    • Nikki: Yes, the final live on August 29th is the Bathing Suit live, and the YFC tour starts up again on August 11th. So he’s got at least 2 weeks to rest =]

  7. I don’t think his voice is really any better or worse then it’s ever been lately. I just think it’ll just sound better if you’re actually there. I don’t think Nico Nico is the best quality…

  8. ^ It’s made to seem like a real concert, no?

  9. Awesome high kick at the end – I was totally surprised when he did that right in front of my face in London! By the way, how in the world does that man manage to be so silly and so sexy all at once? xD

    • SpiritMuse: It’s… I dunno, Gackt defies all logic. XD

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