Posted by: Jo | July 25, 2010

GACKT – Music Japan 2010.07.25

Enjoy 8D~


EVER Performance:

A full version (i.e. un-split) can be seen here on Tudou =D
Interview + EVER



  1. Is he 4 real O.o he needs a rest… he just finished his Europe tour,does he really wanna die on stage 😦
    Baka Gakuto take a vacation,relax a little,maybe try sleeping for a change.

    He shorted my lifespan for at least 5 or 10 years because i constantly worry about his health,i know he will out live us all,but i still worry :(((

    Bad Gackt do yourself a favor and take it easy,ok?

    • aleksandrajabla: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Don’t worry my friend, this was recorded before he went to Europe n.n

  2. thanks! here was 4:30 am so… i didnt see him T.T

    • Nicolle: Np!
      Wow, it came on that late o.o? Are you in Japan?

  3. Was watching this yesterday. Was kinda disappointed that he only got about 5 minutes of screen time XD. Cant wait for his next appearance!

    • Asuka: Welcome to Camui Love!
      I know, he needs to get like an hour minimum XD

  4. Love the song, love the hair, love the man. What more can I say?

  5. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Is it just me, or does Gackt get sexier the older he gets? He’s hot!

    • Mikaela: He’s like a fine wine *___*

  7. Lol yeah he should embrace his age! Amazing…thanks as always for sharing 🙂

    • Puffy: You’re welcome as always 8]

  8. Haha, I love his cute little smile at the end. Is there an interview bit to go with this?

    • SpiritMuse: I’ve just put up a link to watch the interview portion before as well as the performance~
      Nothing’s been uploaded to YT yet, but at least it’s available somewhere~

  9. Dear God, man. SLEEP! That being said, excellent performance considering he’s, what? only been back in Japan for less than 48 hours? Talk about a packed schedule.

    • Nikki: Actually this was recorded before he left for Europe – no worries!

  10. He did this just after his tour?? Good god. I need whatever he’s taking lol. Where does he get the energy from? I hope he takes it easy now. Don’t want him to become unwell :’-(

    Heh, I like his hair too ^.^

    Does he actually age? LOL. He’s sexy every time I see him.

    • Nicola: It was recorded before he left, so no worries lol
      In theory.. he ages. But I mean we all know he’s a vampire despite revealing some human age. I’ll still keep tabs on his 470-year-old self xD

  11. Well he’s amazing as usual, I just hope he’s getting some rest. ❤ ^_^

    He’s so awesome. XD

  13. Jo: Oh, thank goodness. XD It’s funny how we worry about him so much. Despite how he says he’ll never marry again, he has wives all of the world concerned for his heath. LOL

    • Nikki: LOL so true XD

  14. Lol, yeah, he’s not married, but well loved ^.^

  15. God, what a lovely smile he has XD

  16. Yay interview bit! Now I just need to figure out what he’s talking about… Damn you my brain and our lack of Japanese knowledge! *shakes fist*

    • SpiritMuse: Indeed x___x;

  17. Wow, those kimonos are pretty. I want one~ >.<

  18. Thank you 4 the welcome Jo 🙂 i usually read it since i have bookmarked but i don’t comment,this time i had 2 since i was like didn’t he just arrive O.o

    this makes it easier to fallow ❤ when i cheek my emails i get news :))),i'm knida stupid i didn't do it b4 but i hate registering anywhere 😦

    I thought he recorded this like after he arrived in Japan and i was like O.o I am afraid he will die on stage and i think as most do he should take a vacation (not that i would ever email him to say something like that ;p) but Gackt is GACKT and he will do what he thinks is best and we all will support him ❤

    • aleksandrajabla: No problem ^.^
      Lol well you should comment more – then again maybe not, as it gets really addicting XD;;;
      Oh I know what you mean, I really don’t like registering for much either =\

      Well said! We may worry about him, but we all trust him too. Love and support is the best medicine for G ❤

  19. Oh Jo don’t tempt me 😦
    I love 2 comment,see what you made me do 😀
    i can talk about Gackt forever and sometimes when i meet someone as talkative as me all hell breaks lose and we flood the post/page with comments o.O

    I’m trying to keep it moderate but i still now that any group is made of ppl disusing and sharing thoughts,so i force myself not to completely lurk around ❤ ❤ ❤

    • aleksandrajabla: Joooiiinn uussss~~…
      Come to the dark ssssiiidee~~…
      We have… COOKIES 😀

      Well, that’s what happened here lol
      Well good =D I mean lurking is fun, but it’s nice to share your thoughts to other people as well n.n

  20. wants a cookie (o*_*o)

    • aleksandrajabla: *gives you a cookie*

  21. *sugar addict*
    eats it happily ;p to celebrate joining to the darker side ❤

  22. I’m not into the new look, but that’s okay. I do tend to like his hair long though, like on that video where he goes to grab the bride at the wedding chapel. I wonder how his look will be next year when Bunraku comes out…

    • Margaret: I love his hair longer too~
      Ooooh the Love Letter era was perhaps my most favorite hairstyle/look on him (though I adore his black hair now). Really, who could resist him?!
      I’ve been wondering about that too – he could go either for the businessman or rocker look….

  23. Oh, do you mean the beauty clinic advert where Story is playing? I LOVE his hair in that ^.^ I would love it if Gackt burst into the church on my wedding day and dragged me away hehe XD

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