Posted by: Jo | July 27, 2010

GACKT – BUNRAKU Trailer Comment

So someone happened to blog about the BUNRAKU trailer, ending with an amusing comment about GACKT ;D

Thanks to the bunraku_blog for the info!



  1. “Yes, there’s a dude just named Gackt in this movie. And he looks like a real ass-kicker.”

    Bahahahaha! Omg…they don’t know how true that is. Ahh~ I’m so excited for this movie!! :’D

    • Victoria: I put that as my FaceBook status XD I love that line ❤

  2. That should seriously become a quote or something. I’m gonna put it as my signature on DeviantArt. xD That’s just great.

    • Victoria: Sweet xD

  3. this is funny 🙂 GACKT would like that too 😛 this movie is exciting now i can’t wait!

  4. LOL! That’s an awesome line. He has no idea does he? ^.^

  5. You’ve just posted Yahoo Beauty File when I went to look there was nothing there,is it me or has something gone wrong at your end?

    • ann: It was me, sorry! I accidentally hit the publish button when I meant to fix something really quick. It’s back up now =]

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