Posted by: Jo | July 27, 2010

GACKT – Chichinpuipui 2010.07.27

Thanks to excused_early for the summary!
Chichinpuipui Summary



  1. wow, they were so awkward all the way till the guy finished his script and then they had an actual real conversation! Too bad it was less than a minute long.

    G’s hair looked like it was really bothering him. He kept fidgeting with it. Well, I guess it was right in his face….

  2. agree with Skye about the hair, between 1:48-2:00 the frustration was like -_-#

  3. Thanks Jo for this and excused_early for the summary. The man is just pure perfection. Beautiful closeups, mesmerising smiles, go to bed with me eyes (yes please), and I thought it was quite cute the way he played with and flicked his hair. The love and admiration just grows.

    • Shazzer: You’re welcome~
      He’s like… a weapon. What a lady killer .//.;

  4. Curse my lack of Japanese lol. I wish I could understand what they were saying *sighs*

    • Nicola: Well there’s a summary link now =D~

  5. Ohhhh I love his laugh XD

  6. There’s a guy crouching in the reflection of the fish tank – I think he’s trying to hide but not very well. It’s annoying that he keeps catching my eye!! Lol!

    • Puffy: Really? LOL what a wierdo xD

  7. Gods, I’m away from the internet for a week and look at all these updates!!! I’ve got lots to catch up on!

    • Margaret: And I have lots of comments to catch up on, oi… n__n;
      Wb btw~

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