Posted by: Jo | July 27, 2010

GACKT – Official YFC Europe Pics!

From and all those other sites~

Thanks to dyan25 for compiling them onto her LJ 8D
Official YFC Pics


  1. Thanks for sharing – are these official photos? As in they are published somewhere like in a magazine?? 😀

    • Puffy: They’re from online music websites like and etc. =D

  2. again with the braids?! well whatever floats his boat XD

  3. The braids are AMAZING! And OMG these pics are sooo exciting. It brings it all back, and I can pick us out on the balcony – proof we were there coz sometimes it just feels like an incredible dream. A dream I would like to repeat again and again and again.

    • Shazzer: How cool!
      Ah, I’m so glad you guys had fun *__*

  4. You were on the balcony? Sweet 😀 I was about in the middle of the floor, but I was so glad he was stood on a little stage thing. I couldn’t believe how well I could see him. Does feel like a dream at times hehe ^.^

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