Posted by: Jo | July 27, 2010

GACKT – YFC Europe Photobook Scans

You know all you really want to see are those close-up scans of the “Master Position” cards LOL

Thanks to ayuki_tsuki for the scans!
YFC Europe Photobook Scans

*Note: If the download link isn’t working, it’s possible that a lot of people are downloading. Just wait and come back later and it should work out fine =]



  1. The pictures are amazing~ but…oh my, he was even kind enough to put the names of the positions in the book, how thoughtful… xD

    • Victoria: I can’t even look at these without bursting into laughter or dying of embarrassment XD

  2. >: D
    *gobbles it all up*
    though.. some of those poses… the physics confuse me a bit… I just.. won’t contemplate it too hard I think….

    • furesiya: That’s the point with some of them xD; It’s supposed to be a joke, making fun of Karma Sutra positions and well yeah…. crazy I know LOL

  3. Surely, many of those positions can’t be for real, huh? I mean, you’ve got to be ultra-athlethic or be in zero-gravity or something. Come on, it’s hard for me to believe many of them. Gackt’s just humoring us, isn’t he?? Afterall, he is trying to get males to be males, and trying to curb the trend of “herbivorous” men that is becoming a trend in Japan. He wants them to get back to being attracted to women and having the natural male/female relationship (and we all know how important that is considering that Japan is one of the countries with the lowest birthrate). So I can see why the YFC thing is so sexual in nature.

    • Margaret: LOL I’m quite sure most of them are supposed to be taken as a joke.
      Oh wow, I never thought of it in that aspect. Well that’s Gackt for you – populating the earth one person at a time. XD

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