Posted by: Jo | July 30, 2010

Discussions: Favorite PV

Another, almost impossible question:

What is your favorite GACKT PV?

Well, after thinking about it for a bit I believe my favorite PV is Setsugekka – The end of silence-
Firstly, Setsugekka is an incredible song that simply overflows with emotion. I don’t believe there’s a point in the song where you don’t feel something – GACKT really created another timeless masterpiece. But what he, the staff, band members, guests, and everyone else did with that video in order to evoke those emotions out by tenfold was simply jaw-dropping. Add to the fact that I first heard the song and watched the video all at once, and I found myself crying due to the sheer beauty of it all.

Yes, I am pimping out this video – please feel free to do so with your responses =D
Suggestions for a future Discussions topic are always welcome~!



  1. Hmm…favorite PV? I think my favorite (at least at the moment) would have to be Secret Garden. I’m not really sure I understand the video, but from what I can see, it looks like he was trying to show different lives people live? Maybe that isn’t the point of the video, but yeah… 🙂

    By the way, what does the P in PV stand for?? XD

    • Victoria: That video confuses me a bit. I think he was doing the same as well, but I know there’s another meaning besides that…. When I look at the lyrics I can only think of Proto, so that doesn’t help at all XD

      Oh, it’s “Promotional Video” =]

  2. I can’t really make an informed choice for this one as unfortuantely I haven’t seen many of his PV’s. Setsugekka and Ever I really like (partly because they both have Tsukasa from D’espairsray in them ❤ lol)

    But if I had to choose a fave so far it would have to be Black Stone becuase it allways makes me laugh when I watch it (and Gackt looks super cute when he's swaying side to side on top of the truck lol) ^_^

    • un[Beautiful]: Oooh you should check them all out when you have time then~! Just FYI, there are 30 in total =D;
      Hahaha well Tsukasa is awesome, so it’s okay lol

      Oh I love Black Stone~ Cute Gackt, band rocking away in a truck, their outfits.. everything is so cute ❤

  3. I can’t decide between this 2 i love them both,maybe miserable a tiny bit more ❤

    • aleksandrajabla: With good reason, they’re both amazing *___*
      … I can’t even decide which one I like better lol

  4. I think I automatically love the PVs for my favorite songs, lol, so in that regard I would have to say Secret Garden. I think it really fits the song’s message, and is really clever in how it shows the message throughout the song. I think it’s even helped me decide why that song is significant to me =)

    And also because it has the best 20 second closeup I have ever seen of anyone. *.*

    But I love, LOVE Arittake no Ai de. I laugh every time I watch it, partly because of its twisted, bizarre humor… and partly because Gackt’s so funny by… being funny, and also looking psycho. It’s so weird, it’s awesome.

    and I forgot about the impersonator! XP

    • janga201: Ah, well it’s the natural choice ne? lol
      For the longest time, I couldn’t watch that PV without not breathing for those 20 seconds… wait, I still can’t breathe when I watch that part… XD

      His most random video to date ne? Ah, but it’s cute (though I’m sorry, I dislike his hair here =x;;; )
      Pulling the tablecloth out without breaking dishes FTW~!
      And yes, the impersonator~!!!

  5. By the way, I absolutely adore these discussion posts =) It’s so fun to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions.

  6. janga201: That was the first time I’ve heard this song, I really like it lol It’s cute. 🙂

  7. Umm i dont even have to think about it def. setsugekka! i luv everything in the pv the deep emotion,GACKTs eyes n the way he looks,umm his hair,i love the color scheme in the pv the song of course everything.its just so GACKTly perfect

    • Yuki: Welcome to Camui Love =D!
      Well said, totally agree~!

  8. Mizerable was the first one I ever saw and subsequently the one I’ve probably seen the most.

    Honestly though, there isn’t one that I can think of that was done poorly (quality or concept wise.. and uh.. post MM days ^^;;; )

    The last part of Story~, I will always find absolutely amazing *3*.. and I remember watching Returner about a bajillion times when it first came out. My little eyes just couldn’t get enough Samurai!Gackt <3~

    I can't really pick ^^;;

    • furesiya: xD Well, Gackt wasn’t really in charge during MM so… yeah lol

      That’s okay – it’s a sign that all of Gackt’s vids are amazing =D!

  9. I think my favourite PV is last song. I am not a very romantic person but that one really got to me…

    • noyn: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Oh that was my favorite for the longest time.. it’s very beautiful isn’t it?

  10. I agree that setsugekka the best video! Best masterpeace. ^^ But also Secret garden was great one too.
    But if I would need choose one I guess Setsugekka.

    • bastete1992: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Yaay for Setsugekka! But I do love Mizerable as well, that one was beautifully done~

  11. i can’t decide!!! they are all wonderfull, at the moment i have re-discovered my love for the kimi ga oikakete yume pv, it tells a sad story that really seems to contrast with the mood of the song (i don’t know what the lyrics mean very well so i don’t know if the lyrics are the same as the story of the pv.

    • Beth: Oh yes, that one is deceiving in a way lol
      Hmm… actually it ties in pretty well I think. It’s basically Gackt trying to cheer or inspire you when times get rough, saying he’ll be there for you always. In the case of the PV, even though he’s not physically there anymore, he will still try to keep his loved one smiling. Very beautiful I think ❤

  12. I love Setsugekka! When I first heard it, what got me was the piano intro. I was like wow.. this is so serene, then the guitars and the flute came in and everything else totally blew my mind. His lyrics were so full of emotion and I was like, “Oh my god.. I feel so sad”. on 3:54, the way he nearly screams out those words are one of my favorite parts in the song. You really feel the emotion he expresses deeply in you. I really love the effects and how on 5:04-5:08 that sequence with everyone and the lighting. Genius XD I always play this song on repeat when I’m driving. I love this song (thought I love all his song, just this one alittle more X3)

    • Min: Okay, you voiced my exact thoughts xD

  13. Is Kimi Ga Matte Iru Kara Unplugged considered as PV? If it is, I really love this one. 😀

    • Teya: Officially? Maybe not. But hell I consider it one xD
      I love the Unplugged version, so raw *___*

  14. My most favorite PV is Saikai ~Story~ because its the only PV I really see GACKT being close to somebody like this. Then when I see him kneeling in the water it you could see that he’s trying to make his voice reach the person he really loved. I used to listen to watch this PV every night before I went to sleep. I like Settsugekka too though, the violin solo is really amazing and the lyrics are just beautiful.

    • Gakuzutto94: Welcome to Camui Love!
      I know a lot of fans tend to dislike the video because he kisses the woman at the end, but I think it’s beautiful too. Oh, how I’d love to see Gackt close to someone like this someday~…

  15. Aww, I love all the videos everyone is posting. It’s giving me ideas of what new songs to buy from him! =D

  16. I cant choose between Ever and Flower at the moment but its actually changing weekly xD

    • taion_aoi: Hahaha that’s me with my favorites XD

  17. I was hoping you’d add disucssion for favourite PV ^.^ I’m such a cheater cos there’s a few that I really like lol.

    Redemption probably cos of the FFVII link to it, though it took my a while to love his hair LOL. I also like Returner cos Gackt-samurai is just yum!

    Although it’s not my fave song, the PV for Secret Garden has some wonderful close ups of Gackt. Sometimes he looks adorably sad and I wanna hug him ^.^

    I can understand why so many people like Setsugekka – that’s the first time I’ve watched it all the way through and it’s powerful stuff. The video as a whole is awesome.

    I really like Todokanai Ai to Shitteitanoni Osaekirezu ni Aishitsuzuketa (I Know My Love Can Never Reach You). The one where the man is fighting his lover cos she’s turned into a vampire but he can’t stop loving her *cries* Such an emotional song and a great PV. I always end up watching this when I put my Gackt Blue filmography dvd on. In fact talking about it makes we wanna go watch it now lol. And I love Gackt’s outfit in it hehe.

    Ohhh there’s so many lol. I’m very tempted to say the PV for Last Song is my fave, cos it’s my favourite song too. Though I love the unplugged PV cos it’s just Gackt at the piano and he performs it with such raw emotion. And the close ups make me wanna reach out and hug him ^.^

    • Nicola: Yay I’m psychic xD
      Hahah I think everyone had to get used to that hairstyle xp But it really fits in with the DIABOLOS vibe ne?

      Secret Garden is dangerous I think. I don’t breathe during those close-ups =x
      The first time eh? I’m quite sure you’ll watch it more after this lol
      Ah, the song with the longest title xD It’s a moving video I think, tragically beautiful ❤
      Oooh yeah, I almost forgot about the unplugged version *shame on me!*
      But all the videos you mentioned are great n.n

  18. Vanilla!!! XD

    G+SuperSaiyan!Hair+saran wrap+creepy!girls=AWESOMENESS BEYOND DESCRIPTION! XD

    …though bizarre, bizarre, arittake no ai de comes a close second, with him flipping back the pages and scolding the ex-bf for murdering the bride (“ano sa, naifu wo sonna ni tsukaccha, dame desu yo” XD), never fails to make me laugh no matter how many times I watch it!

    • SkyeMyst: xDD Niiiice
      That is such a random PV… I love it xD

  19. Heh yeah the hair totally fits with the Diabolos vibe. At first I was like ‘nooooo..’ but I got used to it after a while. Then I found it sexy LOL. Still waiting for my Diabolos dvd to arrive *pouts* Hehe, I can’t wait to watch it on a big tv.

    Yep, I’ve watched Setsugekka some more lol. Love it. The bit where he holds the photo to his chest makes my heart bleed. Awesome video ^.^

    • Nicola: Oh have oodles of fun watching it. You need to cheer and stuff whenever he tells you to – it’s much more fun that way, believe me XD
      LOL oh wow that is a strong description – I love it ❤

  20. It is really hard for me to decide which Gackt PV is my favorite because I like really a lot of them for their own reasons. So I will only add one now that has not been mentioned yet:


    because… Gackt in space! Fire!!! Yeah!!! xD No, because the quality of the PV is really good and I like the combination with the anime.

    • Nagao: Welcome to Camui Love~!
      May I add that I love your name? *nudge*nudge*wink*wink* lol

      Oh good choice XD

  21. fave pv? hmmm…again…〜seki-ray〜…super heart the song n pv because the harsh landscape and the soft melody..dark and white contrast and well…gackt’s lush lips.

    plus i’m ashamed of saying it now…but when i first got to know gackt and watched this pv…i sorta ignored it, like watched it but felt nothing. felt it was dull compared to the others. but when i watched it again. it was like poooof mind bomb…and tears.

    its breath takingly beautiful.

    • ActingHerReaction: It really is a powerful song ne? It took me a little longer to appreciate it as well, but I’m glad we both came to the same conclusion ❤

  22. I just watched Secret Garden again today. I love it. It should have a health warning attached to it:

    “WARNING! May cause respiratory failure.”

    LOL ^.^

    • Nicola: So true, it would save me a couple of minutes a day! Or hours… XD

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