Posted by: Jo | July 30, 2010

GACKT – Ontama 2010.07.28

Aww look at G draw xD



  1. I wish I knew what he was saying it was obviously quite funny!! Even when I can’t understand he still makes me smile,his smile is so infectious!!!

    • ann: Ugh, he’s completely like a drug *___*

  2. Ann: I agree! His smile is a fangirl killer. xD I wish I knew what was being said too~

    Oh yeah, and I totally wanna buy a huge box of crayons and go color with him now. XD

  3. Serious fangirl killer. XD He drew G-Version of Doraemon!!! LOL He’s adorable. I want to take him home with me.

    • Nikki: Now I want a pocket-sized Gackt….
      Well, I guess I can settle for the keychain on my car keys lol

  4. So cute! Gakuemon! XD

  5. awww cute!! i don’t understand either but it is still great to see GACKT smiling 🙂

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