Posted by: Jo | August 1, 2010

GACKT – TOKYO FM 2010.07.29 + J-WAVE 2010.07.30 Pics

From TOKYO FM’s OHP and J-WAVE’s MS:
GACKT + Special Message



  1. Thankyou Jo for these pictures,he really does love his Borsolino hats doesn’t he,but then he looks great in them!

    • ann: Haha I guess he does~! Strange how he’s never worn them before

  2. I love these pics, G looks so tiny…It’s so cute haha~ xD Anyway, what does the message say? I can’t read it.

    • Victoria: It says “If you put your mind to it, You can accomplish anything!”
      Yes, it’s English. But Gackt has pretty-chicken scratch writing, so don’t feel bad if you couldn’t read it lol

  3. Wow, I love his handwriting. It’s got such great character to it. X3 He’s adorable always. A miniature copy of him belongs on all loyal Dears’ shelves.

    • Nikki: I know, it’s so stylized~ ❤
      Mhmm… another form or world domination for G. XD

  4. Oh my…he wrote that himself? o.o; Back to English class for GACKT…well writing at least~ xD

    • Victoria: Yush – it’s just that he has chicken-scratch writing, but it’s neat xD I mean even if you look at his Japanese writing it’s very neat, but you can’t make sense out of it at times either xp

  5. Hahah after you told me what the message said, I looked really close and was like “Ohhhh I see it!” xD But I’ve never saw his writing in Japanese, but since I can’t read Japanese I doubt if I’d be able to tell if it were neat or not.

    • Victoria: Lessee here… ryuik scanned the GACKTIONARY photos a while ago and in it was a message from G in his handwriting
      It’s got this neat, yet messy quality to it, I can’t really explain it xD; Especially the more complicated characters it’s hard to figure out…
      Ah well, at least you get to see his writing lol

  6. I understood three characters – “a”, “no”, and “ni”. xD Haha me and my awesome Japanese skills (not really). 😛

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