Posted by: Jo | August 4, 2010

GACKT – Monthly GG Vol.25 Translations

Fun fun, interesting things lol

Thanks to amaiakuyume for translating!
Montly GG Vol.25 Translations



  1. G: Hey guys look! I totally broke my little toe!
    Junji: You could probably hang off a tree by your feet.

    Hahahaha ohh G<3

  2. LOL yeah that was funny.

    In regards to the bit in the article on his age. He’s 37, but so what? ^.^ He certainly does NOT look it. I don’t think any of his fans think of him as middle-aged. He’s just Gackt 🙂

    • Nicola: Couldn’t agree more~
      Huh… now that I think about it I really don’t see him as middle-aged. If you ask me he acts way younger anyway xD
      Plus, Gackt said when he was 19 he was “born” so his mental age is much younger than his physical age anyways. So in a way he really is in his 20s >p

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